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Apr 20, 2010

Satirical post about the Onion.

I am very fond of satire and have posted stuff of this nature including from The Onion at times. When it is really well done it so echoes real life that it is hard to tell the difference. One post from the Onion, which imitated a ‘news’ report on Obama, a commenter replied, “I had to watch it three times before I was sure it really was satire. I thought maybe it was just another day at CNN or MSNBC.”

Today I was nearly caught out by The Real Polichick, with one suggesting that the Onion was shutting down:

The Onion, the United States oldest and most revered satirical newspaper, first published in 1756, has announced that they will close their website and cease all publishing activities, effective immediately.
Said the owner, "No more satire is possible. Nothing can beat the outrageousness of what comes out of Washington today. In a sentence: We are plum out of satire."

Satirical headlines planned by The Onion, such as "Pelosi: Pass Health Care To Find Out What Is In It", "Major Tax Increases To Reverse Recession", and "Obama Bows To Communist Leader", have been superceded by actual news headlines, causing these satirical headlines and corresponding articles to be pulled.
"I was working on this great concept: Obama would win the Nobel Peace Prize within a few weeks of being inaugerated, " said Abe Iggoof, writer for The Onion, "Then it happened." ……..
I have on occasions been a strong critic of the press and indicated my belief that a large part of their problems are caused by their strongly leftist agendas causing the public to turn away from it. As such this clip struck a chord with me:

How Will The End Of Print Journalism Affect Old Loons Who Hoard Newspapers?

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