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Apr 19, 2010

Rudd will fall for this.

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Gerard Jackson from BrookesNews.Com pulls no punches in a revealing article on a scam about to be pulled on the Australian taxpayer, “Siemens to use green energy hoax to ripoff taxpayers”:

Mr. Joe Kaese, Siemens' AG Chief Financial Officer, has a brilliant plan for ripping billions of dollars out the pockets of taxpayers — and his company doesn't mind lying to do it. This financial genius wants to use the Desertec project (a massive confidence trick to extract billions from European taxpayers) as the basis for a gigantic renewable energy network in Australia. According to Kaese:
Australia should be in the lead (in solar energy) and showing the world how it works. If you source solar energy for nothing, and sell natural resources to other countries, it makes for a powerful business case.

Boy, has this guy got chutzpah. Only a complete economic moron could seriously support such a preposterous proposal. And Kaese is no moron. His response to critics of his company's economically insane project is to declare that they represent vested interests that need to be ignored. Irrespective of Siemens' assertions to the contrary its ridiculous solar project is not sustainable in anyway whatsoever.

It would require a permanent flow of massive subsidies to survive, even then there would still be huge rises in electricity prices with devastating consequences for industry. In other words, buying a solar project from this mob would be like buying a bridge from a Brooklyn taxi driver.

The article goes on to give examples of just how badly solar stacks up against conventional power generation. Solar cells have been around since the 1880s and are still to prove themselves capable of being economically viable, and capable of producing power at a competitive rate. The vast majority of green energy is produced by companies milking subsidies from governments.

The reason is given here:
… What makes solar inefficient is not an immature technology but the scientific fact that the maximum amount of solar energy striking the earth under optimum conditions is just under one 1 kilowatt per hour per square meter. That is approximately 11 square feet.

There is absolutely no way that this natural obstacle can be overcome, unless Siemens is planning on buying us a bigger sun. In plain English, it is the diluteness of solar energy that makes it grossly and irredeemably inefficient ….
Still as long as these snake oil salesmen use the right language about saving the planet and use language about governments taking the lead, technological advancement, and flatter the parties involved while playing to Green politics they will get their way.

The green energy companies are amoral. They are fully aware that what they are peddling is an uneconomic product, which can only survive under government patronage or force. They have no real interest in the destructive effect they have on the economies involved or the job prospects lost because of higher taxes or higher energy costs, only the bottom line is important to them. If the population suffers for it, that’s not their department.

Essentially they are little different to your average Nigerian banker.

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