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Apr 16, 2010

Gary Johnson, libertarian Republican for President?

Today through a blog comment I encountered Gary Johnson for the first time. Gary was the governor of New Mexico for two terms and seems to be shaping up for a run at the presidency. His site Gary Johnson for America seems to indicate this as well as a number of hot rumours doing the rounds.

While the usual suspects, or at least the previous ones are lining up again this guy seems to be making a low key effort at this stage. While he is a Republican a look into his attitude on issues seems to indicate that he would also be a great candidate for the LP were he so inclined.

He is for example a supporter of limited government with a solid track record to prove it. He states that "every law passed is a little bite out of freedom," and that removing government regulation unleashes the forces of the free market that raise our living standards. As a Governor he vetoed 750 bills and over 1,000 line items.

He also wants to reduce the entitlement system, which is unsustainable, have a strong defense force less thinly spread, backs Ron Paul’s efforts for accountability at the Federal reserve, and opposes the health care debacle that has just been passed.

Other issues are reforming immigration, competition in education, ending the drug war, move the responsibility on abortion and marriage to the states, free trade and is a strong supporter of the 2nd. To hear him speak watch his speech at CPAC here.

Any guy who can climb Mt. Everest with a broken leg has the mental toughness for the job. (And we thought Todd Palin was tough.)

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