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Apr 16, 2010

Is Obama barking mad?

H/t Hotair

In this statement on space exploration the President is full of contradictory statements. He is stating that among other things the economy needs to be fixed and deficits have to be ‘closed’ then goes on to say that one of the ways to do this is to push space exploration.

At the 1 minute mark he is suggesting that man will be landing on an asteroid by 2025. Back in the early 60s JFK’s moon landing statement was admittedly somewhat ‘out there’ but this is bizarre.

The American people are facing heavy tax hikes to pay for all those programs that are going on or being mooted. The specter of a value added tax has been flagged for a while and he still intends to push through bills on global warming which will have destructive effects on industry, production, the economy, and employment by rationing and taxing carbon usage.

Unless he thinks he can simply squeeze infinite taxes out of the American people, he really needs to start cutting costs and not just soon, right now. It is idiocy to think that after imposing hundreds of billions in extra costs on the economy that he will somehow pull it all together by spending hundreds of billions more to put a man on an asteroid.

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