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Oct 13, 2011

Carbon tax passed.

Cartoon: By Pickering.

They are bringing in a tax and if taxes cooled the planet, the place would be an icebox. It is absurd. Using the same logic, every time you increase income tax the place would get colder, every time you reduce income tax it would warm up a little bit. – Senator Barnaby Joyce.

It has been a disappointing day today. Most of us held onto the faint hope that someone on the government side would adopt a sane approach, or at least bow to the need for self-preservation, but that was not to be. Labors economic suicide squad voted as a block, with the independents to pass the carbon tax.

The best estimates of the impact of the 5% reduction in greenhouse gasses by Australia, is that there would be at best, about a ten thousandth of a degree of temperature reduction. This is of course assuming that the rest of the world does not increase its output. As such a reduction is vastly less than China’s annual increase in emissions, this seems unlikely.

Most polling indicates that the population are against this tax by about 80/20% and we will have our revenge on the instigators of this draconian deceit. It will most certainly be repealed after the next election.

Labor is now determined to go out and sell the tax. The electorate, which is suffering buyers remorse over the election of the current government is not likely to be purchasing this lemon.


  1. Australia commits suicide. not a murmur from the msm.

  2. I had no hope at all for sanity. None. As in my native country so it is in my adopted one, the lunatics have taken over the asylum and they've done so with the blessing of the majority of the sane. The only thing left to do is to take the pain and learn the lesson: never ever let a politician who claims that more government levying more tax and spending more money will fix all problems run anything ever again.

  3. My condolences. What a sham. I do hope you send all the morons who backed this out on their asses in the next election.

  4. I didn't have much confidence either Angry, but it was worth expressing the hope in case one of the bastards was listening. Unfortunately it is starting to look like Oakeshott is something of an intellectual among them.

    No worries on that one Bawb. Labor is at record lows in the polls, although they lifted a bit on the last one. It is to be noticed though that in spite of this, they dropped in every category of 'preferred on etc' where they are lower than the Liberals on nearly all.

    It is starting to look like the bounce is either a 'dead cat' one, or the speculation that Gillard will be dumped, is giving heart to some supporters.

  5. Unfortunately, even after you boot the shitheads out, once the government gets ahold of a new tax it never gets repealed and never goes down.

  6. All too true, Bawb. It is going to be very difficult to get rid of it as it includes a poison pill, under which a successive government which does so will be hit with billions in compensation for purchasers of carbon credits.

    Abbott has warned businesses not to purchase them as they will be out of pocket with the repeal, so hopefully he will follow through.

    It will also require two elections to do it, one to get rid of Gillard's crowd, and a double dissolution to clean the Greens out of the Senate. Fortunately, we do not have fixed terms here.