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Oct 5, 2011

An Inconvenient Carbon Tax, preview.

Here is a preview clip from the documentary, “An Inconvenient Carbon Tax ” forwarded by the site, Stop Gillard’s Carbon Tax. In this one small businessmen discuss their current problems and the additional ones they will face if this tax becomes a reality, or what passes for a reality in the minds of the left.

At this stage there is still hope that this can be stopped. It is important that as many people as possible contact their local member to stiffen up the opposition ones, and to warn Labor members that they are finished if this measure is passed.

Many Labor MPs must be seeing the writing on the wall predicting the ends of their political careers at this stage, with their only hope for salvation being the failure of this tax to pass. A blitz on them by the public may just persuade the one needed, to cross the floor.

Given that the polls are showing only 26% primary vote for Labor it is reasonable to assume that most of their seats, even those that are traditionally safe, are now marginal. We just have to convince them that they have more to fear from us than from their party organization.

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