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Oct 26, 2011

Reduce Australian CO2 emissions and provide low cost power by … building new coal plants!

Cartoon: By Pickering.

From an article by Jo Nova & Tony Cox, 
based on an idea and research by Anton Lang.

By Viv Forbes, Chairman,

It’s the paradox that will torture the Greens. What if the best way to achieve their environmental aims as well as providing jobs and power was to build more coal fired power stations? Imagine if we could reduce CO2 emissions by more than 5%, supply 24 hour base load electricity, create jobs, and save thousands of square kilometres of Australian bush from industrial domination. Imagine if “New Coal” turned out to be the lowest cost alternative as well?

Old existing large scale coal fired power plants in Australia are all twenty to forty years old. Major advances have been made in coal-powered technology, and new coal plants are, incredibly, much more efficient, so much more efficient that they produce up to 30% less CO2. Who would have thought there was such a bonanza-cherry there, ripe for the picking?

“New large scale coal fired plants have generators that can produce considerably larger amounts of power, they use better turbines to drive the generator, have better boilers to make the steam to drive the turbine, and have better furnaces to make the heat to make that steam, and most importantly in this case, they burn less coal, do that more efficiently, and in the process emit less CO2.

"They are already using these new coal fired plants, especially in China, where large scale plants of this nature are being brought on line delivering power for consumers at the rate of one new plant a week."

We must start building new efficient power stations. We will do it in the end but it seems we must endure much cost and wasted resources before we can remove all the green fools from Parliament. In UK, Europe, Canada and soon Australia, the green tide has turned and politicians are going to feel the wrath of a betrayed and ripped off electorate.

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