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May 14, 2012

Catching up with Time, or, "We’re from Newsweek, and we’re here to help."

Given the potent mix we currently have of post modernist political thought, a cheerleading media, and the availability of Photoshop, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between genuine articles and satirical posts in the upmarket media.

For example, which of the following is fake and which is a genuine Newsweek post?:

You see the problem here, both have the same degree of logic behind them, and both share the same relevance and importance to people out in the real world.

For those who are confused, the one on the left is the real deal, the one on the right is satire from Red Square.

Given the impact of the recent man child breast feeding cover by Time, and the manner in which it changed attitudes out in flyover country, Newsweek has been left scrambling for something to trump its competitor. Finally an opportunity was presented by President Obama, who after a long transition of conflicting views on gay marriage has come out in favour of it after being against it, after being for it, after being ...

Anyway, believing that it would help the President if people were able to indulge in same sex marriage thus taking their minds off the economy being on the slag-heap, and alluding to Bill Clinton's claim to be the first black President, they came up with the cover below. It sure beats anything Time could come up with and it is reasonable to assume that the editors are already hanging the framed thank you letter on their wall.
It is difficult to find any reason for this issue to be anything other than a distraction. Few rational people give a toss about what others get up to consensually in private. The problem arises because the government chooses to regulate relationships and grant special privileges to those in the ones it approves of.

Some who disapprove of same sex relationships on religious grounds shouldn't find it too difficult to adopt the attitude of allowing others to go to Hell in their own way. No edict from the state ever saved a sinner, if that is what objectors claim them to be.

Just to ensure that this post is not seen as picking on Newsweek, and to achieve 'balance' here are two 'Time' images, one genuine, one satirical from the same source as above. Can you guess which is which?


  1. profoundly_disturbedMay 15, 2012 at 5:26 PM

    What a coincidence, take a look at the David Cameron/Rebekah Brookes "Time" cover on

  2. I noticed that one over at the Captains place not long before you posted the comment. Its a beauty.