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May 26, 2012

More on the war on drugs.

Some time ago the Canadian Libertarian Party were advocating legalization of Marijuana, using the argument that kids could be criminalized for life just by being caught experimenting with it. It was a great argument and one, which should have a great deal of appeal to parents. The clip below is a reminder of it.

This guy seems a bit bellicose, but makes good points: H/t Fox News.

… I believe this is Obama chortling with Jimmy Fallon about lower class people. Do we believe, even for a second, that if Obama had been busted for marijuana -- under the laws that he condones -- would his life have been better? If Obama had been caught with the marijuana that he says he uses, and 'maybe a little blow'... if he had been busted under his laws, he would have done hard f*cking time. And if he had done time in prison, time in federal prison, time for his 'weed' and 'a little blow,' he would not be President of the United States of America.

He would not have gone to his fancy-a** college, he would not have sold books that sold millions and millions of copies and made millions and millions of dollars, he would not have a beautiful, smart wife, he would not have a great job. He would have been in f*cking prison, and it's not a god damn joke. People who smoke marijuana must be set free. It is insane to lock people up.
The point is made that 1 in 6 US prisoners is there for Marijuana offenses, and 750,000 are there for victimless crimes. What an incredible waste, never mind the injustice.

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  1. profoundly_disturbedMay 26, 2012 at 11:15 AM

    Perhaps the banks will get fed up with Barry O'Barmy and dump him. The impeachment evidence that's stacking up will make it easy for them!

    I'm really not concerned if people want to smoke/drink/do drugs, that's their option. I only advocate that their decision shouldn't impact on anyone else.