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May 31, 2012

Signs of rebellion in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most oppressive regimes in the Middle East owing to the extreme nature of the ruling Wahhabi sect. While most Islamist nations have varying degrees of paranoia in relation to women, the Saudis have taken it to a fine art form, not even allowing them to drive. While ‘morals police’ are not unique to the Saudis, theirs are among the most extreme, even to the extent of forcing schoolgirls back into a burning building for being improperly dressed.

These ‘police’ seem to be recruited from the pool of trailer trash types who get their jollies by flogging women. Surprisingly, Saudi men seem to be too cowardly and effeminate to resist these people. There have been signs of rebellion from the women though, with some posting images of themselves exercising illegal freedoms. This chick in the video though has caused some interest and praise by resisting an order to leave a shopping mall:

Western apologists, especially in Europe have been attempting to appease the extremist elements among the Islamic population with laws against free speech, draconian PC requirements, and the ever present human rights commissions which seem loaded against native populations.

It seems pretty clear that there is a resistance beginning among youth and women in Islamic countries, especially in the more conservative and repressive ones such as the Saudis and Iran, which has been reported on before on this site.

The younger generation is tech savvy and is able to access information from outside their countries. They see the freedoms and liberties of the West and want them for themselves. This woman was able to use the threat of the ‘Morals Police’ conduct turning up on the web to intimidate them:

But the woman replies: “That has nothing to do with me. Besides that, I am allowed to wear nail polish if I wish. You have nothing at all to say to me. I am not leaving here. I will remain here. And, just so you know: I am filming all of this right now. Smile for the camera.”

And further: “This video is running right now on Facebook and Twitter.”
The greatest threat we pose for these fascist regimes is not a military one. It is in fact a lifestyle and liberty one. Would you prefer to spend your life trying to live up to the demands of the local Imam in prayer and contemplation when you are aware of the freedoms available elsewhere?

Rather than attempt to placate these toads, we should celebrate our liberty, hit them with rock and roll, country and western, even a bit of bluegrass, Bollywood (not Hollywood, its apologist and wimpy), and generally give them something to aspire to. If the population as a whole don’t kick these bastards out, the chicks will.


  1. Isn't it funny how all the Women's Rights organizations in the US, the ones who scream about Romney's "War on Women" and attack Sarah Palin like rabid dogs, have always remained thunderously silent on the whole Islamic treatment of women issue.

  2. I notice the treatment of SE Cupp raised barely a ripple the other day.

    Women's rights groups don't seem to mind even the odd honour killing. Perhaps they need those to demonstrate a commitment to cultural diversity. Idiots!!

  3. Let's send all the Femi-Nazis over to live in Saudi Arabia for a year so they'll see just how bad they have it in the West.