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May 30, 2012

Rallies to "Smash the Carbon Tax".

Authorised by: Viv Forbes, Chairman.

The Gillard/Green carbon tax becomes law on 1 July 2012. To show what we think of this tax, protest rallies are being organised in major cities by CATA (The Consumers and Taxpayers Association) and supported by the Carbon Sense Coalition and other groups.

Rallies are planned for Sunday 1st July 2012 11.30am in Canberra, Sydney (Hyde Park) and Brisbane (King George Square). CATA is suggesting people buy a blow-up baseball bat to indicate their displeasure:

For more information see here.

The Last Word

Three Inconvenient Facts

Providing the Green/Gillard government lasts that long, it appears that the carbon tax will become law on 1st July 2012.

For the first year or so, the promoters and beneficiaries will try to silence all opposition.

The first weapon will be bribery – give a special exemption or handout to everyone who complains.

The second weapon will be threats. Businesses who complain that the carbon tax has forced them to increase their prices will be threatened by government attack dogs.

The third weapon will be government propaganda. Climate commissioners, CSIRO, the ABC, the green politicians and all the alarmist apologists such as Greenpeace and WWF will come up with daily stories of climate scares or green energy subsidies at work.

Sceptic voices such as "Carbon Sense" will struggle to be heard above the din.

But, sitting there, like Vultures on a dead tree watching them struggle in the swamps of reality, are three inconvenient facts:
  • There has been no global warming for 14 years:
Global monthly average lower troposphere temperature (thin line) since 1979 according to University of Alabama at Huntsville, USA. The thick line is the simple running 37 month average.
  • There is no evidence that carbon dioxide controls global temperature. 

  • More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will have huge benefits for all life on earth.
Opposition to this massive stupidity will never cease. Please help us spread the word.

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