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May 18, 2012

Marks not high enough? Sue the school.

A former student of Geelong Grammar is suing the school for failing to get her a sufficiently high secondary school score to enable her to study law at her preferred university. There is no information on whether her lawyer got a very good score at the completion of university.

It is doubtful if even ‘Julia’ would come at this. That is not our Jules, the PM, but Julia as in ‘The life of Julia,” President Obama’s professional welfare tart who goes through life, only succeeding on government handouts. This is meant to indicate that the Democrats are truly caring, and understand that women are pretty useless unless the government is there to get them on their feet, as opposed to those heartless Republicans who regard them as capable as part of their ‘war on women.’

Her mother also gets in on the act:

A FORMER student who is suing Geelong Grammar School says she decided to seek damages after she failed to qualify for her preferred university course.

Rose Ashton-Weir, 18, alleges Geelong Grammar gave her inadequate academic support, particularly in maths. Seeking compensation in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, she said her final secondary school score was too low to study law at the University of Sydney.

Of her time at Geelong Grammar, she said: ''I didn't ever feel I was getting the support I needed to really excel. Ms Ashton-Weir boarded at the school in 2008 and 2009 but finished her secondary studies at a TAFE college in Sydney. She is in the first year of a double degree in arts and sciences at the University of Sydney.

Her mother, Elizabeth Weir, is also suing the school for lost income and other expenses. She said she gave up her chocolate fortune cookie business - which she had expected to make $450,000 over three years - because her daughter moved from Geelong to live with her in New South Wales. She is also seeking compensation for $39,000 in rent paid when they moved to another house in Sydney. …

Darren Ferrari, representing Geelong Grammar, said Ms Ashton-Weir could have studied law at several other universities. ''You could have done law at Deakin University by correspondence,'' he said. He said Ms Ashton-Weir had been placed on ''internal suspension'' a number of times while at the school. She was also poorly organised and had been absent from class many times.

Ms Ashton-Weir fell ill with glandular fever in early 2009 and went to stay with her mother at the end of term two. She did not return to Geelong Grammar. …
Over the years progressivism has developed to the point where lack of success can always be laid at the feet of someone other than the unsuccessful. Regardless of the reason, it is always somebody else’s fault, the anthem of the loser. This is a women who didn’t complete the course at Geelong Grammar, but none the less considers them to be at fault.

The mothers claim is clearly ridiculous. The difficulty though is, that in this day and age, nothing is too stupid to be considered a reasonable case in a court.

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