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Jul 15, 2012

The Last Word – the Consensus is Destroyed

By Viv Forbes assisted by
volunteer editors.

The TV news on Carbon Tax Sunday (1 July 2012) illustrated our successful destruction of "The Consensus". The reports I saw all showed snaps of the "Axe the Tax" Rallies, and even the ABC showed a glimpse of a protest rally and described the new carbon tax legislation as "controversial".

Protest News:

A poll taken in Australia on Carbon Sunday showed 64% against the tax and only 33% for despite the flood of bribes, scare stories and propaganda spread like confetti from government spruikers.

We are now in good company. More than 1000 international scientists feel strongly enough to put their names on a list of consensus deniers:

Compare this to the so called IPCC Consensus:

Few people still believe the global warming story, but they will still support the carbon tax for two reasons:

First, they hope and believe they will get more compensation than they will lose in extra costs.

And second, they still feel guilty and want to do something to "save the polar bears" and "reduce pollution" (as long as it does not cost too much).

Tony Abbot has done a great job to draw attention to the "Great Big New Tax", but has a big credibility problem for two reasons – exaggeration about the effects that will be seen immediately, and a policy that in fact supports the global warming story and just wants to combat it a different way. Most Liberals are just a lighter shade of green. The Liberal policy of direct action is just another way to waste our substance on a greedy green industry.

Much of the damage of the carbon tax will not be seen – who can point to the airbus that was NOT bought, the railway line NOT built or the processing plant built in China instead of in Bendigo. The biggest long term damage will NOT be seen. Our children will be worse off but no one will ever know why.

Finally, in case "Carbon Pollution" fails to deliver us, in chains, to the UN bureaucracy, they have two new weapons being test fired – "Sustainability", and "Bio-Diversity".

Imagine governments who preside over of whole empires of sick nationalised subsidised industries trying to lecture tax payers on "Sustainability".

"Peak Oil" has proved a fizzer once again, despite all the efforts of people like Obama and his energy Czar to stop oil drilling and construction of pipelines, but "Overpopulation" is due for a new run.

Every decent war is accompanied by censorship, and the war on carbon is no different. If they had their way, Climate Commissioner Flannery, Government Guru Garnaut and their CSIRO lap-dog would determine who may, and may not, say what in the Great Climate Debate. And "Carbon Sense" may be required to provide space for alternative comments by the alarmist camp.

See: "The forbidden history of unpopular people". Quirky title but a great video presentation:

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