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Jul 19, 2012

Ron Paul caught masquerading as Paul Ryan

Will this man stop at nothing to be one of Romney’s ‘young guns’?

Image: The evidence (Courtesy NewsBusters).

It is not surprising that Romney looks so damn smug here!

This can hardly be a mistake, could it? After all MSNBC is a ‘quality network’ unlike those ratbags over at Fox, which is only watched by bitter clingers out in flyover country, if what we're told is true which it must be. Lets face it, if you can't trust the mainstream media, ...?

Or, perhaps its a case of:

Twins: Only their mother could tell them apart!

There is of course the possibility that unbeknown to us, the strain of defending his budget has aged Ryan considerably and coincidently; he now appears a dead ringer for Ron.

On the other hand is it possible that Ryan has somehow managed to substitute Ron’s image for his own in the archives in order to boost his popularity with younger voters? That’s a subject best left to the conspiracy theorists.

The full story with video is at NewsBusters.

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