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Jul 24, 2012

Scott Brown targets “You didn’t build that;” Cain; rich is cool

Embattled Senator Scott Brown has pulled off the best ad of the campaign anywhere in America yet, slamming the President and Elisabeth Warren over their idiotic statements that entrepreneurs don’t make it on their own. Brown holds the ‘Kennedy seat’ in the senate and is always going to battle to keep it:

He makes clever use of statements by Democrat Presidents, Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton who hark back to the days when the party was more reality based and had an understanding that business, not food stamps, was the driving force behind the nation’s engine room. Ronald Reagan and Ford also appear, then the comparison is made with the fatuous statements of Obama and the bellicose anti business rant of Warren.

Meanwhile, Herman Cain, who has become a valued campaigner since dropping out of the contest answers with, “rich is cool.” An interesting aspect to Cain is that in spite of his even greater success in life, he quotes his father’s efforts to lift himself out of an almost certain life of abject poverty to reach success:

… As far as Obama is concerned, anyone who is successful got that way because of the system, by which he means the government. Democrats sometimes refer to the rich as “the winners in life’s lottery,” which is to say they merely got lucky in a game of chance – and that’s why they need to fork over so much of their wealth in taxes, so Democrats can “spread the wealth around” to all those other smart, hardworking people, who just didn’t happen to win life’s lottery.

What a load of crap. To listen to these people, you’d think being rich was the worst thing anyone could do.

Well I’ve got news for them: Being rich is cool. Not only that, but when someone has become rich, others should endeavor to learn as much as they can about how he or she did it, instead of resenting it and dismissing it as merely lucking out because of all the help the government provided.

The best example I can give you is my dad. He started his adult life in the 1940 with nothing but the clothes on his back. At one point he worked three jobs at the same time. I suppose wealth is relative to everyone’s situation, but my dad had a goal of getting rich as he defined it – and he achieved his goal.

Did the government deserve any credit for his success? When he walked off that small dirt farm in Tennessee, the road wasn’t even paved. I’m not saying there were no government functions that worked well and benefited him. Of course there were. But they were the same ones that benefited everybody else. My dad achieved his particular goals because of his particular dedication, his good plan and his hard work. And yes, he was perfectly within his rights to be proud of himself for being so smart and working so hard.

And let’s be honest: It was true then, and it’s even truer today, that when you get rich you largely do it in spite of the government – its rules, its regulations, its confiscatory tax policies . . . and now the tendency of certain leaders to assail you for your success.

The coolest thing about rich people is that, in order to get rich, you have to make your skill and your capital work for other people. Instead of ripping Bain Capital for its success, the Obama Administration and the media should study what Bain did and how it did it. Bain created thousands of jobs – many more on a net basis than it eliminated via strategic layoffs – because it made smart business decisions and built successful enterprises. …
Why the hell is it, that Cain is better at defending Romney’s record than Romney is?

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