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Jul 8, 2012

The time for hand-wringing is over; Gary Johnson

Presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson released the following statement regarding the June jobs report.

"The anemic jobs numbers for June simply confirm what Americans
already know: That employers cannot and will not hire new employees with the federal government continuing to rack up trillions of new debt, a tax system that does all the wrong things, and massive uncertainty about the true costs of impending health care mandates.

"Abolish income taxes, repeal the health care mandate, eliminate
deficits, and then watch as American entrepreneurs and the private
sector put millions back to work.

"The time for hand-wringing and nibbling around the edges is past. We don’t need a 10-year plan for balancing the budget; we need a 1-year plan. We don’t need token reductions in income taxes; we need to eliminate them. And we need to elect a President and a Congress who get the simple fact that less government will mean more jobs.”

Gov. Johnson's website is here.

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