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Apr 23, 2013

Bill Maher gags on the kool-aid; calls ‘liberal bullshit’

Comedian Bill Maher is in many ways your average liberal progressive big government creature of the state, although he has on occasions disagreed with some aspects of it.  Recently he commented on the exorbitant California tax rates, stating that liberals could actually lose him.  This possibly indicated a move out of the state rather than any chance of him becoming a Republican or libertarian.
On other fronts, he donated a million dollars to the Obama campaign at the last election, and is not only anti gun, but also anti Second Amendment.
However, he is not into political correctness to the point where he is prepared to believe Islam is the same as other faiths.  On the suggestion that Islam was the same as Christianity on hypocrisy and doing whacky things he fairly gagged on his Kool-aid calling “liberal bullshit:”

 This will have more influence on liberal nut jobs than all the logic in the world, coming from one of their own.

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