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Apr 18, 2013

The Boston bombing and reactions

Our hearts go out to our American cousins over the terrible events at the end of the Boston Marathon, especially to the families of the dead and the injured.  It would be difficult to imagine any real motive for such a shameful and senseless act, other than a deep hatred of the American public at large.
There was no targeting of the authorities or any other group; rather the target seemed to be whatever random Americans and visitors happened to be in the way at the time.  9/11 made more sense than this.
The worst aspect of the event other than the casualties and grief entailed has to be the disgusting attempts to politicize it by the Democratic Party echo squad in the press.
 The injured were still being picked up off the road when New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof leapt onto twitter to claim that the Republican Party was to blame for blocking the appointment of the acting director of the BATF to director.  He seems to be indicating that the bureau would function more efficiently if the person currently in charge of it is promoted to being in charge of it.  Go figure.

If as he is claiming the organization screwed up and allowed the bombing, then the acting director should be fired, not promoted.  As he is the guy who oversaw Fast and Furious, he should probably be fired anyway.

Perpetual Obama shill, Chris Matthews has come up with the startling statement that domestic terrorists are from the far right: 
During live coverage, the Hardball host highlighted a possible explosion at John F. Kennedy's presidential library and thought this could be a personal attack on the Democratic Party: "...But going after the Kennedy Library, not something at Bunker Hill, not something from the Freedom Trail or anything that kind of historic, but a modern political figure of the Democratic Party. Does that tell you something?" (Police are now considering the incident at the JFK library to be fire-related.) One can only guess what it tells Chris.
This will come as quite a surprise to Billy (Boom Boom) Ayers and the remaining members of the Weather Underground.  Chris and Co though, tend to regard Billy as a 'student activist', or perhaps a 'social justice advocate' rather than a terrorist.
Media personalities for want of another more appropriate word, too numerous to mention have drawn attention to the fact that it was Patriots Day, tax day, the anniversary of Waco etc, and drawing the conclusion that it had to be a home grown home grown terrorists, preferably from the right.
The fact they seem to be missing in all of this is that that day happens to coincide with the running of the Boston Marathon, which happens to create a large number of people in a concentrated area, ideal for the purpose of causing maximum mayhem.  Perish the thought, but it is just possible that the idea was to bomb the finishing line of the marathon, rather than to pursue some political agenda.
In any case, a politically motivated operative would work with the objective of attacking the establishment to the maximum, while keeping civilian casualties to a minimum in order to keep the people on side.  Primary targets would tend to be government orientated, such as the IRS, BATF, FBI, police, etc, away from the possibility of causing civilian casualties.   Even Billy Boom Boom did that.
Then you have the conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones.  Alex predictably thinks that it is an inside job. 
Added to this, there is Cynthia McKinney, who is shaping up into a nice montage of the political acumen of Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, combined with the deep and incisive thoughts of Alex, to come up with the theory that it was something to do with the police department’s controlled explosions drill.  Apparently she has the view that the police bombed the crowd in order to practice the procedures involved in a real bombing. 


  1. The Americans in their mad haste to put the blame onto somebody, anybody, may have inadvertently destroyed the lives of 2 young men.
    Online news reports tonight seem to confirm that the 2 people that they have so widely publicised as the persons of interest and their images broadcast around the world have come forward and it turns out that they were 2 college or University students going about their daily business.

    Everybody wants the perpetrators brought to justice but it must be in a proper and orderly manner.
    These 2 young guys are getting all sort of threats because they have been identified by many who know them and they have virtually been accused of the crime which is is becoming more obvious that they had nothing to do with.
    Will the stigma of being accused without evidence or knowledge of who they are be erased when they are found entirely blameless and that is how it seems to be working out.
    Will the authorities keep on accusing people until they get someone that they can make it stick.
    or will they stand back a step and cease the frenzy before they accuse more innocent people.
    The news reports about the wrong persons has now disappeared and the Police are now apparently having a shootout with a couple mod different men "suspected" of involvement

  2. I'm pretty sure Richard Jewel's life was ruined after his trial-by-media on the bombs left at the Atlanta Olympics. Rather than being a hero for finding the bombs before they could be detonated, he was charged with the twin offenses of Being Easy to Catch and Resembling a Convenient Scapegoat. Being innocent of it all was no excuse; he was lucky his name was cleared at all in our society.

    Not to hijack the thread Jim, but what an absolutely marvelous photo of my dear friend Chris Matthews. It looks like the tingle in his leg has risen to the top and can't go any higher. In about two seconds he will have to excuse himself to go change his underwear.

  3. Yes; even with the shootout and manhunt going on you have to take your pick of the most plausible of the myriad of reports, rumour, and innuendo in the media.

    I wasn't aware that Richard Jewel had been exonerated. Our press lost interest and stopped reporting on it before that happened.

  4. The real bomber was Eric Rudolph. The feds finally caught him something like four bombs, five years and I don't know how many casualties later.

    IMHO, the FBI deliberately leaked stuff to the press, who immediately found the "Una-Bubba" guilty since he fit all the lone wolf angry white guy templates, thus allowing the powers that be to wrap up the case quickly and keep the sheeple from stampeding.

    CNN, NBC, New York Post, etc, etc all insisted they had been "fair and accurate" in their reporting but were all very quick to settle out of court with Jewell for "undisclosed" but presumably large amounts of money when he sued them for libel.

    Here we are damn near 20 years later and we still have to dance this same old trial-by-media dance every time a bomb goes off.

  5. It's just as bad here Bawb. A couple of nights after the bombing the host of the (government broadcaster) The ABC, spent several minutes trying to get their Washington correspondent to speculate on the possibility of being involved in anniversaries or right wing hate groups.

    A lot of the reporting we see here seems to be sourced from the leftist nonsense you are used to.