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Apr 10, 2013

Pro-gun teen, an articulate advocate

15-year-old Sarah Merkles, who has been shooting since she was eight, has made ripples on the net over her speech in support of Second Amendment rights, opposing proposed Maryland legislation:


It’s great to see a person of her age present a rational and articulate argument with real knowledge of the subject. In the long run it has failed to impress legislators who have since passed the law, but it will give heart to gun rights advocates everywhere. While gun frantics will probably attempt to shoot the messenger by claiming that she is simply reading a speech written by someone else, she has doubled down on it with a great interview on Fox. This girl is something special.

The legislation, under which she cannot bring her Bushmaster back into the state if she uses it for competition will actually have the opposite effect to what lawmakers hope for. Her only option if she is to continue with her sport, is to by another one and store it outside the state while using her current one in state.

In other words, instead of reducing the number of firearms, these idiots are doubling the number for people who wish to shoot interstate.

The law of unintended consequences is alive and well.

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