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Apr 5, 2013

Its incompetence Julia, not, we’re not used to female PM

Cartoon: Bill Leak 
Since coming a gutser on her last attempt to play the ‘misogyny card’ on Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard is now using the more condescending line, that Australians are still struggling with the idea that we have a female PM: 
She was asked if she believed hostility towards her by the media and some politicians was based on misogyny. 
The Prime Minister said she had always been very clear about "calling it out" when she saw sexism but wanted to focus on a broader point about the novelty of having a woman in the job. 
"It's not been ever the norm in our nation before for people to wake up in the morning and look at the news and see a female leader doing this job," she said.  "For all of the years before you would see a man in a suit. 
"I am not a man in a suit.  "I think that that has taken the nation some time to get used to. I think it's probably still taking the nation a bit of time to get used to." 
Ms Gillard said she has had some "uncomfortable moments" in the role but predicted it would get easier for future female leaders.
The truth is, that Gillard took over an unpopular Labor government with the knifing of Kevin Rudd, and then held an election during the traditional ‘honeymoon’ period.  She lost, but was able to cling to power with the purchase of a couple of quirky, eccentric independents, and the support of the Greens, for which she has paid an enormous price, both in taxpayer funds and what little credibility she had in the first place.
Since then, her government have screwed up everything it has touched, trashed the economy, and engaged in bitter and divisive class and gender warfare.  Gillard’s problem is not that she is female; it is that she and her government are completely incompetent, and their hostility to any form of criticism or even scrutiny has turned people off. 
The majority of people had goodwill towards the concept of a female PM, it has for a long period been just a matter of time for it to happen.  Her attempts to claim otherwise are merely the result of victim mentality.
Inept governments here get voted out very quickly, as is about to happen to Gillard.  The same happened to Gough Whitlam, who led an inept and scandal plagued government from 1972 until dismissed in 75, surviving a double dissolution in 74.
Gillard is going the same way, for the same reason.
Far from securing the future for female leaders as she contends, for some time future female leaders will have to overcome the memories of Gillard. 

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