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Feb 4, 2008

McCain, I'll Back Him

By Jim Fryar.

Well I am going to disappoint and upset most of my US friends on the net and support McCain, a difficult decision, but one, which had to be made in the face of the ANCIR and other racist groups attack on him.

Sure immigration is a difficult issue to deal with and some hard decisions have to be made, especially in view of the sheer numbers of illegals in the US. However when I see calls for all of them to be booted out immediately, it becomes obvious that many of the proponents come from La La Land or somewhere close to it.

The sheer impractability of it is breathtaking in its stupidity. Just how the hell do you take 12 million people out of a country in a period as short as six months as some advocate and toss them into another, with out causing disastrous consequences both economically and socially is beyond me.

Criminal elements should be weeded out and deported, fair enough. The problem is that many people seem to equate the unauthorized entry in itself as an act of criminality, which in a strictly legalistic sense, it is, however so is jay walking. When we refer to criminality we should be talking of real crime, with real victims, not some guy trying to get a job to help him support his family.

The McCain policy of securing borders to control the inflow and allow those who declare themselves, to pass criminal background checks, prove their employment, pay fines, taxes, and meet other requirements a chance at citizenship if they want it is not unreasonable. They pay the price, for illegal entry, then documentation allows other problems such as non payment of taxes, non entry to health insurance, etc to be resolved as most of these are caused by the situation whereby there is no way the person can do so without saying "I am illegal, come and get me.”

He makes more sense than the others.


  1. I'm only rooting for Mitt right now because he hasn't alienated the right wing of the GOP yet as McCain has done. But, if Mitt loses the primaries, I'll back McCain and also piss off a lot of my regular readers.

  2. I think we are all (or mostly all) big enough to deal with it and remain friends afterward. The important thing is to keep our criticism to each others ideas and never let it get personal.

    I have done a few campaigns and by following that rule I still remain friends with most of those I stood or campaigned against, including some I only met because I came up against them.

    I find most of them are pretty decent people who just have different ideas to mine. (See rule 5 on rules of my blog)

  3. The Libertarian movement is dead. How else does one explain how, in light of the current financial crisis, no significant person or publication is placing the blame on the fiscal irresponsibility of the Bush administration over the past 7+ years? No, instead we're blaming corporations and advocating additional bail-outs. Where are the Libertarians? This should be your moment! Get on the talk show circuit and explain the fundamentals to the American people. Stop letting government grow ever larger, ruining all hope for our grandchildren to live as freely and opportunistically as we have.