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Dec 27, 2009

Jasper Schuringa, Hero in airline attack.

Photo: Jasper Schuringa.

H/t Libertarian Republican (second Post) and Worldwide Liberty.

Jasper Schuringa, a Dutch film director appears to be the hero of the Christmas Day attempted terrorist attack on Northwest Flight 253. He was seated in the same row as the terrorist but on the other side of the aircraft, and saw what looked like an object on fire in the suspect’s lap and “freaked,” he told CNN.

“Without any hesitation, I just jumped over all the seats,” Mr. Schuringa said, in an account confirmed by other passengers. “I was thinking, oh, he’s trying to blow up the plane. I was trying to search his body for any explosive. I took some kind of object that was already melting and smoking, and I tried to put out the fire and when I did that I was also restraining the suspect.” “I just jumped. I didn’t think. I went over there and tried to save the plane.”

He was then assisted by flight crew and other passengers in putting out the flames and dragging the perpetrator to the front of the aircraft where he was handcuffed and held.

Dutch Member of Parliament and PVV leader Geert Wilders called Jasper Schuringa a hero for saving the Delta flight. "He deserves a royal honor." Wilders says he will ask the Dutch government to award such grant. Schuringa is already hailed in the American media as a hero so such an action from the Dutch government would be fitting even if it arouses anger from extremists.

This seems to imitate what occurred before Christmas in 2001, when an Islamic zealot tried to ignite plastic explosives hidden in his shoe on a trans-Atlantic flight and was overpowered by fellow passengers. United Airlines Flight 93 on 9/11 is another example of decisive action by passengers ending a terrorist attack. Regrettably the plane crashed, killing them but they prevented the hijackers carrying out their mission.

The heroic action of otherwise ordinary people will always be a serious encumbrance to those who seek to harm the innocent. Evildoers are drawn to situations where the authorities are not likely to be present to hamper them. Be there as much security as can be placed in the way of these terrorists, the last line of defense will always be the unassuming guy who when he finds himself in the face of danger, charges into harms way.

The (Dutch) National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTb) says that an initial investigation has revealed that Mr. Mutallab did pass through a security checkpoint when he changed planes but security officials did not find anything untoward. The NCTb says all procedures were followed correctly.

Geert Wilders is the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party. The PVV is pro-free market, and pro-civil liberties, yet stridently opposed to Islamization of Europe. Wilders is currently well ahead in polling to be next President of the Netherlands.


  1. Being Dutch myself I can say Jasper is someone we can be proud of.

    Unfortunately, this cannot be said of "blond hatewig" Geert Wilders...

    I wish Jasper a very prosperous future!

  2. Please explain to me: HOW can be Wilders be "the next PRESIDENT" from The Netherlands?

    according to the Constitution, The Netherlands are a MONARCHY.

  3. "President of the Netherlands" hahah omg the ignorance..

  4. A young male Muslim trying to blow up an airliner? Who would have thought? I am shocked. When I first heard about it, my first guess as to the culprit was "old Amish woman". I sure hope this doesn't lead to "profiling".

    Salute to Mr. Shuringa

  5. OK, I understand that the position of the leader of the majority party is Prime Minister or as Wilders has referred to it as Premier. The constant stream of efforts by the collectivists of the left to use legal sanctions including the current one is likely to boost his vote considerably among the Dutch people who by now seem to be sick and tired of seeing their freedoms eroded in the name of PC.

    I find it incredible that the laws of any country could be so absurd and idiotic as to create the situation where a person could be tried for offending people by criticizing the religion of peace, clitorectomies, beheadings, honor killings, stonings, theocracy, and execution of those who wish to leave its gentle embrace.

    But then, I am not a leftie.

  6. I don't recall the Amish being profiled by DHS although that could be coming as they are inclined to be individualistic, peaceful, and don't like taxes much.

    I was initially suspicious of those types who have bumper stickers featuring Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and the Gadsden Flag, who according to DHS are likely right wing militia members.

  7. To the people who wrote this article. My counrty the Netherlands is a Monarchy. We have a Queen so we are a kingdom. There for its imposible for Mr. Wilders to become “next President of the Netherlands”. Simply because we dont have the function of President in our country. You probebly meant that he could be the next “Prime-Minister”. And in Theory he could. The only problem is that even if he gets the amount of votes according to the polls right now. He will get around 30 of the 150 seat in parlement. As you can see this is NOT a majority. So he will have to form a coalition with other party’s. There are only 2 serious party’s willing to ‘work’ with him. And even they will never acept him as Prime-Minister. As you can see, Wilders will never be Prime-Minister of my country unless he gets half of the vote’s. And in our nation history, it never occured that a party got half of the votes.

    Thank God because this man is evil!
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  8. Dutchman, as you have seen in the comment above I have ammended the word. Thank you for the comment as it clarifies the situation where the idiots above (anon 2&3) have nothing constructive to say.

    While I have some reservations about Wilders, I feel that in an environment where basic freedoms like freedom of speech are banned in the name of PC the situation is created where over the top people come to the fore and the result in the long run is unlikely to be a return to liberty.

  9. Dear Jim,
    If I understand you comment correctly.(Your English is realy advanced to me, as its not my mother tongue,so I hope you'll forgive some of my bad English)You say that freedom of speech is banned because of Political corectness.And because of this Wilders uses this hard language.

    You probebly say this because of the fact he's being sued. Well I personal think you should be able to say anything. The problem is that 2 of our Fundamental rights who are in our consitution, are in conflict with eachother.

    The first is:
    Artical 1
    "All persons in the Netherlands shall be treated in similar cases. Discrimination because of religion, belief, political opinion, race, sex or on any grounds whatsoever, is prohibited."

    The other one is offcourse "Freedom of speech."

    So now its the question can you say discriminating things?
    It up to the judge to descide wich of the Rights is more important.Until now "freedom of speech "wins" most of the time, but we can see an change in this.

    Its a Juridical battle. You can say is an absurt situation, and I agree. Geert Wilders politic ideas are totaly opposite to mine. But I hope he wins.

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  10. No worries 'Dutchman', I understand you.

    I personally hold some reservations about Wilders, although I strongly support free market thinking and civil liberties. Generally though I don't tend to use the term civil liberties as it tends to infer that liberty exists only in the context of society. Liberty is an individual right.

    Over the last year or so I have noticed him moving further towards the far right which doesn't bode well for freedom. The far left move towards socialism while the far right move towards fascism, neither of which are consistent with freedom, both being branches of the same tree of state tyranny.

    It is my contention that in a free society freedom of speech should be paramount and absolute, with no limitations whatsoever. I am even skeptical of the justification for slander and libel laws.

    Discrimination tends to be counterproductive in business as it denies the person discriminating the talents and abilities of competent members of the groups being discriminated against, but should not be a crime. Society reached the point where discrimination is considered undesirable by a natural progression of open mindedness, not by state intervention.

    The subject of my first ever post on this site was an outburst by a prominent Islamic cleric who attempted to justify the actions of a Lebanese gang who carried out a series of pack rapes in Sydney of Christian girls. He maintained that the women were responsible for what happened as they were "immodestly dressed."

    Thanks to freedom of speech he was thoroughly lampooned and ridiculed in the press and the internet to the point where he was removed from his position. Had there been laws against causing offense to Islamic people, this would have been difficult to achieve.

    There are a couple of posts here which illustrate my position more clearly:

    Free Speech and Ron Owen.
    Owen Verdict encourages reverse intolerance. and a couple on a group site I contribute to:

    My Right To Offend You and:
    The Importance of Being Offensive

    In a couple of days I will be away and out of contact for a while, so if I stop answering it is because of this and I will resume when I get back. I am enjoying this exchange of views.

  11. Dear Jim

    I can say I have to agree with you. Free speech should be unlimited. Even criticism on religions should be posible. You can understand that as a atheist I think this is important. Therefore, I think it is best if we 'delete' Artical 1 in our constitution. I think its unnecessary,vague and contradictory. But this is a very controversial topic in our country (and Europe). I think this is due to the historical feelings of guilt. The slavetrade, Inquisition Holocast Etz. Prof. Pim Fortuin once sugested this. Well I can tell you, the whole country thought he was mad, including myself at that time. WorldWar 2 in the back of our minds, makes it hard to think rationaly anbout these subjects.

    Most the 'Muslim' Immigrants in our society are not used to criticism or jokes about religion. For example my best friend is half Turkish/Kurdish half Dutch. His Turkish family is Secular, most of them are not even Muslim. His father is a communist. He himself is a Atheist. But when I was watching a Comedian who was making jokes about Jezus, even he was offended! Its just something you cant do in his eyes. So you can imagene how 'Real' Pius muslims would feel.
    Its to my oppinion a learning process for these people and I am optimistic about this.

    Wilders being sued is a good example of this. The muslim organisations choose to go to the judge instead of doing something Undemocratic, like condemming him via an Fatwa or something.

    My problem with Wilders is that he contradicts himself. Saying he is a fighter for freedom of speesh but banning the Koran. Wanting a European first ammentment but being anti EU. He denies reality Because in this globalising world Europe can only keep its wealth if we work together. This guy is Anti everything. And negative about anything.

    I suspect him from taking money from the Israeli goverment. He gives no openness in who finances him. I think this is a scary fact. Because I dont think a politician should take money from any forgein power.

    But the most scary fact is that his Brother once said that Wilders doesnt realy means what he is saying, he just says things to get votes, because he is power hungery.
    I think sincerity is a Politicians most important trait.
    He realy scares me.

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  12. "Because I (DONT) think a politician should take money from any forgein power."

    Above: Should be without the "dont" in it..

  13. haha. Damn forget what I said in the last post it was correct the first time! :SSS Im so stupid.

  14. I wouldn't call you stupid, it must be difficult to carry out a written discussion in a different language. You are actually doing rather well at it.

    While I regard myself as a Christian I don't attend church as I tend to disagree with the teachings. I regard Christianity as a message of freedom with responsibility, whereas some of the clergy seem to have their Gospels mixed up with their liberation theology.

    Australia has had an Islamic element since early settlement and there have been fairly good relations with them until the arrival of radical elements over recent years. This seems to have settled down over the last couple of years. At school they were seen as part of the pioneer culture and were respected. The first Mosque was built here in around 1820.

    One of our most disasterous military campaigns was Gallipoli where the Turks gave us a beating but we have always had respect for them. Kemal Ataturk is in fact the only enemy general honored in our war museum.

    I find myself in agreement with you on Wilders as I indicated above. I feel he has moved or chosen to move to the more extreme right wing of the spectrum seeking votes from this area. The site where I found reference tends to see him as 'libertarian' but I do not feel this is the case.

    If he continues in this manner and eventually gets power, I feel he will not move towards liberty.