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Jul 12, 2013

Silencing the Sceptics – The New Dark Age in Academia

 Cartoon: By R May 
 By Viv Forbes, Chairman,
Bob Carter is one of those scientists that the Climatists would like to silence. His output of rational books, articles and lectures on the pseudo-science supporting the man-made global warming is remarkable. And unable to combat his arguments, the alarmists and their friends in government, academia and the media seek to silence him by ignoring his arguments or trying to destroy his support base. 
What looks like another chapter in this unspoken war, James Cook University, North Queensland has blackballed Professor Carter because, as Jo Nova says: 
“The only reasons given were that the staff of the School of Earth and Environmental Studies had discussed the issue (without any consultation with Carter) and decided that his views on climate change did not fit well within the School’s own teaching and research activities. Apparently it took up too much time to defend Carter against outside complaints about his public writings and lectures on climate change.” 
For more on this latest example of the academic closed mind in action see:
Undeterred by all this, Bob Carter and friends have just released a new book:
Taxing Air – Facts and Fallacies in Climate Change 

In this accessible and beautifully produced full colour book The Age's brilliant political cartoonist John Spooner and leading environmental scientist Professor Bob Carter combine with colleagues to answer a series of critical and highly controversial questions about the politics and science of climate change.
Are human industrial carbon dioxide emissions causing dangerous global warming? 
If it is so then climate change surely is one of the great moral challenges of our time. 
But is it possible that the so-called consensus science around global warming produced by lavishly funded research institutes and with its own international political lobby organization - the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - is wrong?

Could it be that the emperor has no clothes? 
Accessible, clearly written and illustrated with simple scientific illustrations, and accompanied by Spooner's brilliantly wry and telling cartoons, Taxing Air answers - without the spin, evasions or propaganda that pollutes most official writing on climate change - every question you have about global warming but have been too intimidated by the oppressive 'consensus' to ask.
To buy the book, or read more about it see:  And on Facebook: 
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