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Jun 8, 2008

Christine Delay to vote for Barr.

Eric Dondero, at Libertarian Republican has just contacted me with news that Tom Delays wife is intending to vote for Bob Barr in November. Eric is a strong supporter of Bob Barr, but is also strongly supporting the GOP and delivering some heavy hits on the Democrats, especially Obama.

Eric who worked for Congressman Ron Paul in the middle to late 1990s, said Tom DeLay has always had a libertarian streak about him, and attended numerous fundraisers for Paul, and even hosted an event or two.

“Now, it appears DeLay's libertarian streak is really showing, or at least that of his wife Christine.”

From the Washington Times:

Tom DeLay will vote for John McCain but the former House Republican leader said his wife, Christine, is planning to vote for Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr.

"I'm trying to convince my wife not to do that," the Texas Republican told editors and reporters at The Washington Times on Friday. "She said it publicly yesterday."

Mr. Barr's candidacy is an issue conservatives appear to be grappling with since he won the Libertarian party's nomination on the sixth ballot at their May 25 convention in Denver. Early polls suggest Mr. Barr could draw small but significant support in key states such as Georgia and North Carolina, potentially complicating the electoral picture for Mr. McCain, Republicans' presumed presidential nominee.

But Republican officials have said they don't see Mr. Barr affecting the race much, and question some of the early polls.
The Times announced that it would run the full interview with Mr. DeLay on Monday in which he addresses the direction of the Republican Party, the lack of coordination and leadership in the conservative movement and Mr. McCain's chances. Look forward to a hit job.

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