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Jun 3, 2008

Sarah Palin, a great VP.

Considerable speculation currently surrounds the question of who John McCain will select as a running mate in November. One name that keeps coming up consistently for a long time is Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin. It now appears that she is under serious consideration for the job.

Palin would be a perfect fit for the position, being energetic and young, enthusiastic, a lifetime NRA member, (the most pro-gun candidate in the country), supports hunting and fishing rights, and has an approval rating in the mid 80s-90s.

Known as a great campaigner, she become governor at only 42 years of age, knocking off powerful incumbent opponents and doing credit to the job. In the 2006 gubernatorial election, she defeated scandal-prone incumbent Frank Murkowski in the GOP primary, and then went on to defeat former governor Tony Knowles in the general election.

The following video is from last year but gives an indication of the sort of support Palin has.

She has little time for special interests. She is an idealist with a strong sense of ethics and a persistent campaigner against corruption. She would have strong appeal to veterans and the forces for her support of them, and like McCain has a son in the military.

Having good executive experience she appears young and fresh enough to counter anything the Obama campaign might throw at John McCain.

Palin is a hard liner on ethics reform, fiscally responsible having vetoed over $200 million in expenditure last year and nearly $300million this time. She also cancelled the ‘bridge to nowhere’, a $230 million earmark scandal so bad even Congress was embarrassed by it.

The push for Mike Huckabee among some GOP hardliners would probably be one of the worst mistakes the campaign could make if successful. He has attacked the moderate more libertarian elements of the party, completely alienating a large group of the strongest support base for the party.

Prominent among this element he castigates in the party are; Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake, Florida Congressman Tom Feeney, Butch Otter, Governor of Idaho, California State Senator Tom McClintock, and Dan Greenburg of the Arkansas State House of Representatives.

I would be interested to know if this has anything to do with the current efforts by some extreme conservatives to attack McCain himself, and seriously threaten the positions of a number of moderate Republicans. This effort is dangerously irresponsible in one of the most critical elections the party has faced in a long time.

There is no one better for the position than Sarah Palin.


  1. Same comment I made over at Libertarian Republican.

    I love this woman! If McCain had a quarter as much domestic policy sense as Sarah, we might have some semblance of the Reagan era, and could get on with prosperity filled lives.

    Palin should be a model for future libertarian republican, senators, representatives, assemblymen, mayors, etc. In other words, someone who has the, uh... well, what most men used to have. And the sooner the better!

  2. I've been sold on her for a long time.

  3. I will echo the sentiment. Ms. Palin is extraordinarily qualified and is extremely easy on the eye.

    I will formally endorse here on my site next week.

    We've had enough pasty white guy lawyers running as VP lately.

    And Sarah would be excellent in 2012.

  4. I have noticed the 'cute factor' but I think the greatest thing about her is the steely determination to see the right thing done, and her ability to get it right.