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Jun 25, 2008

Some Commonsense from Carbon Sense.

Viv Forbes and Ron Kitching are amazing people, for the amount of well considered and thoughtful work they put out, Viv in spite of being a very busy man with a farm and other interests, Ron still working part time, and writing books like he is still a spring chicken.

The following are a couple of snippets passed on to me by Ron.

I noticed that the Chairman of, Mr Viv Forbes, said it was staggering that politicians in Australia and New Zealand could consider introducing an Emissions Trading Scheme.

Forbes continued: Such a huge speculative venture is extremely dangerous, with no Prospectus, no independent economic assessment, no environmental impact statement and no sunset clauses.

Sale of these Emissions permits is no different from an offer of speculative shares ­ they are offering to sell bits of paper recording property rights ­ in this case the right to emit carbon dioxide.

However, the massive scale of the offer will dwarf any previous capital raisings in our region. And like all promoters, the governments are rushing things along to catch the boom before the global warming bubble is punctured by economic and scientific reality.

ASIC should demand the same standards as are imposed on every capital raising ­ independent assessment of the scientific facts presented by the promoters and an auditor's report on the financial and environmental risks of the venture.

The scientific basis for more carbon taxes is disappearing like frost in the morning sun ­ every day more scientists join over 30,000 who have signed petitions or written papers denying the case put forward by the IPCC.

Not even the climate agrees with the IPCC, with temperature falls over the last 10 years wiping all of the gains in the 20th century.

Martin Ferguson and Oil and Gas.

Martin Ferguson, Minister for Resources and Energy and Minister for Tourism is one of the more sensible and articulate members of the Labor Government.

He has quite rightly suggested that oil and gas producers ought to increase production. However, exploration has to precede production.

Huge targets for oil and gas exist both on and off Australia's and New Zealand's continental shelves. In his capacity as Minister for Resources, Martin and his NZ counterpart ought to make the ground available and at the same time, make incentives available for explorers to drill for oil and gas.

Should it be found in huge quantities, as may well be the case, further incentives should be made available to encourage the building of new oil refineries in this nation.

All of this would bring the necessary capital, the new expertise and new jobs to Australia and New Zealand.

As the facts are available to those interested, he then ought to bury once and for all, the IPCC politically induced scam of carbon dioxide induced climate change.

Only then may energy costs may fall considerably.
From a personal standpoint I think that if the areas are available and the oil/gas is there the oil companies will need little incentive other than security of tenure and the chance to 'make a quid' to solve our problems. Politicians seem to labour under the delusion that they are necessary to make things happen. I think the reason for this is that they wish for all things that happen to be in their own image.

This of course is a personality disorder, all they really need to do is get out of the way and let us get on with it.

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