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Jun 9, 2008

Great Sarah Palin Video.

'Ted' just commented on my previous post pointing me this clip on youtube. Thanks, this is good stuff although some of my associates may not like the introduction.

About 30+ years ago, I was a member of a political party that was fairly entrenched in power, but corruption had crept in gradually both in politics and the police force and elsewhere. When I raised it and urged the party to dig it out I was accused of being a traitor, and was told that such things should not be raised.

When I resigned I gave a speech urging them to clean it out and be seen to clean it out or it would destroy them.

A couple of years later a television program 'The Moonlight State' was made and resulted in a royal commission, the results of which shocked everyone. The party was cut to pieces in the subsequent election.

This stuff needs to be rooted out.

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  1. Ok Jim. She's got me hook, line and sinker. ;)

    Unlike others here, I do see some potential problems if she were to be the VP. One is experience where she has only been governor for two years which is less than Obama has been senator. Which brings the next problem and that is a lot of people when seeing here will ask, who is she?

    Anyway, here was an entry posted on her only a week or so ago from my favourite conservative blog, Hot Air.

    For a long time, this site hadbeen towing the line for Fred for the top job and then finally Mitt for VP. But low and behold, look who scored big in that poll there!