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Apr 29, 2011

Before the royal wedding.

Cartoon: Nate Beeler.

I note with some dismay that all three free to air channels are showing the wedding, although, kudos to 9 who are cutting the damn thing off for the footy. Its nice to see that in this day and age a commercial channel still understands the real priorities of the Aussie bloke.

The two channels the taxpayers provide for the elitists whose rarified tastes are so divorced from those of the unwashed masses that they cannot be provided commercially, are adopting a split personality approach. SBS is not showing it at all while the good ol republican (the get rid of the Queen form of the word,) are going to show the whole thing, after a week of royal coverage.

Senator Barnaby Joyce has it about right here:
Well I will be watching it, ably encouraged by the fact that I live in a house of five females, young ladies of varying degrees of youngness to whom the Royal Wedding is akin to oxygen or the meaning of life. Even if I crossed the floor, the vote to watch the wedding would merely change from a 6 nil annihilation, to ayes 5 and the nays 1.

Before I am admonished by the deafening snort of republicans, might I kindly remind you that your number two spear chucker, Julia, Malcolm is number one, is fluffing around Buckingham Palace-Westminster precinct as we speak. Do not tell me it is just protocol that she attends. I well remember being run over by socially acceptable republicans as they made a bee line for HRH QE II on her last lunch at the Australian parliament.

In a world of uncertainty we barrack for the hope in the happily ever after life as never better espoused than by the Prince marrying his Princess. Let us just skip the Andrew and Charles bit. That was just a belated hangover from Bowie, The Stones and acid rock.

The Queen has evolved to that level where you ridicule her life of service at your political peril or as solid evidence that you really have had too many scotches and should have been taken home an hour ago.

The Republican always tells me that as an Australian, Commoner and Catholic I cannot be the official head of State; I cannot be the King of England. Well thank God for Common Catholic Australians. Anyway, if there was something wrong with common people, why did God make so many of them? …
Not much more to be said really.

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