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Apr 27, 2011

Private security should get rid of the dipshits.

Quite a few years ago I was working a job out in Central Queensland and staying in a motel on the outskirts of town. One night in the bar I noticed something going down with the manager and started in that direction. He flattened two guys pinned another and gave a fourth a bloody nose before the bouncers could react. The next night I remarked on the absence of bouncers and he pointed out that most were worse than useless, and some started more trouble than they prevented. The place ran smoothly for the rest of the time I was there without them.

I was reminded of this by an article in the local rag today on a private security guard who has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm while armed after a man was knocked semi-conscious with a lump of wood. Apparently he is claiming he felt threatened when talking to two guys so he went to his car and got an axe handle, returned, and acted in self-defense. Oh well, it should be an interesting case.

There was a guard in one of the local shopping centers a few years back who I found to be rather disturbing in that he had the dead eyed look of someone with little in the way of brains and was associated with some of the far right haters in the area. I know I usually criticize the left but there are crazies out there on the right as well.

One of them came a gutser recently when he was attempting to take control of a local voluntary organization. Claiming vote rigging he turned up at a meeting with security to ensure that only members got in. The other side countered by having a press presence there.

There were some great photos in the next local paper. Two of my favorites were one of a seventy+ year old guy about 5’3’’ standing up to a couple of large security guys, pointing the finger and looking all indignant, and one of Mrs. X who was ‘distraught’ after being jostled by them, being comforted by friends. It wasn’t mentioned that Mrs. X was president of the local Dramatic Society, which was a nice touch.

I am not sure what the rightie guy’s motivation was, but this one certainly didn’t work.

I am happy with the concept of private security, I am all in favor of it, but for heavens sake, get decent people doing the job.

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