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Apr 30, 2011

More carbon tax lunacy.

Labors carbon tax proposal is gathering more lead in its saddlebags as time goes by and interestingly, BHP is now one of the critics. The idea of a carbon tax was conveniently resurrected after the last federal election when BHP Billiton CEO Marius Kloppers called for climate action immediately afterwards. This was used by Gillard to walk away from her undertaking to the Australian people, that there would not be one.

Now the increasingly irrational independent, Tony Windsor has called for industry to "put up or shut up" on the carbon tax comes after BHP chief executive Marius Kloppers warned that Australia's go-it-alone approach would be a "dead weight" on high-polluting exporters. He claims to have challenged BHP on this particular issue. In fact he maintains he insisted BHP declare where it stands on the carbon tax and has publicly thrown down the gauntlet to industry critics to offer up an alternative plan to cut emissions.

Just great! The government and big business with their arms around each other and their hands in our pockets sorting out a way for us yobs to pay more for our energy needs without harming them. Well that’s the way crony capitalism works but they don’t usually advertise it.

The really irrational aspect of the whole scheme is that the assumption seems to be that we can do it unilaterally. Australia’s emissions are so small in the big picture, which reducing them is not going to make any difference anyway, even if GW is real.

All it will achieve is to cause more difficulties for the average Australian, damage our export industries; cause massive domestic price rises, and cost jobs. We are already in a situation where the declining currencies of the US and Europe are creating difficulties, and these idiots are trying to exacerbate it with a new tax.

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  1. The current Australian labour government is bringing in a so-called carbon tax for one reason and one reason only.

    They as a government are struggling in many areas. Apart for the money they line their pockets with at the gullibility of the public whilst the hide behind a cloud of perceived carbon emissions, is simple. Carbon tax when introduced will increase cost of items and food, apart from putting people out of work, higher costs mean more GST revenue, and that's it!

    GST will stay at 10% but if items actually increase over the years 10% of $100 = $10 rising costs item $150 = $15.

    GST is an insidious tax, when you buy something the person who sells it forwards the 10% to the government. Then when they spend the money they have made from the sale, they also pay 10% when they spend. This continues on every time someone from the chain spends.

    As for Climate Change from man-made carbon. Most Greenies only see their side of the argument I term them as having the "van Gogh" Syndrome after Vincent Van Gogh, the famous artist who cut off one of his ears because he did not like the continual sound (Tinnitus). Most so called Greenies who follow the new religion under their perceived leader "Bob Brown" should perhaps really be called "Brownies" after their hero "Sodomite Bob" and we all know what his last name means!

    The Greens and Labour slam Tony Abbott of the liberals for not following their new found faith of Climate Change. But in hindsight he was one of the few of the world politicians who had the spine and the gut's to state the truth "Climate cahange from Man made Carbon is CRAP". If you do not know what the last word of the statement means, just ask Bob Brown, he knows all about Crap.....