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Apr 10, 2011

The Glen Beck/Fox split.

H/T Big Journalism.

The departure of Glen Beck from the Fox Network was reported to be amicable, a sort of meeting of the minds as it were. Since then there has been speculation that he was pushed, not only among lefties, but among sane elements as well.

George Will is one of the most respected commentators of our times, who I think has nailed it here, saying “Beck’s drift into more extreme and bizarre positions was threatening the Fox brand.” And that the “the health and happiness of Fox is served by his departure:”

Quite some time ago I wrote a post on the suggestions that Glen Beck was becoming libertarian, which is still a regular source of visitors to this site.

I was not convinced, but was prepared to accept that he was leaning in that direction. At that stage I had not really taken much notice of him. Since then, he has disappointed me in many ways. While he has shown a great deal of ability, he ruins the effect by descending into emotional displays of histrionics and grandstanding.

While he is better than the competition at MSLSD, that is not a high bar to get over. To maintain its credibility, Fox needs someone better than this.


  1. I was a casual viewer of his show (it was always on whilst I was either working or at sleep), and found it very stimulating and informative in it's earliest day. Without a doubt, his finest hour was his hand in the Van Jones resignation.

    Whilst his viewpoints and opinions did start to teeter on the brink of paranoia and kookiness at times, it wasn't so much that I think was the reason his ratings went down. I believe it was because his show started to resemble university lectures with all the blackboards and slides and long droning speeches delving in to America's past. If he had instead stayed more in the present moment like his contemporaries, O'Reilly and Hannity do, his show would have survived.

  2. I don't bother with cable and am not up with the ratings, I wasn't aware his ratings had gone down which could explain this.

    I hope he still has a forum to air his views as he has had some remarkable successes. I had forgotten the Van Jones thing but that was one of the best.

    Just the way he makes liberals heads explode is worth all of his shortcomings.