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Apr 8, 2011

Carbon Tax – the Magic Horn of Plenty.

By Viv Forbes,

We are told that the carbon tax will be "revenue neutral".

Big deal. So was the budget in Soviet Russia – they took 100% of your income and spent it all.

But carbon tax collectors look like spending far more than their income.

Those magicians in Canberra are going to reimburse all "low income" people for the effect of their carbon tax on the cost for electricity and food. And also reduce the petrol excise. And exempt export industries. And pay our share of the UN Cancun Climate giveaway of $100 billion per year. And give subsidies and tax breaks to Green Energy. And purchase carbon credits. And provide $800 million per year to the Climate Research Industry. And pay $5.6 million annually to feed the Tom Foolery Climate Commission. And pay the bills for the wall-to-wall meetings of the Climate Change junkies. And bribe farmers with soil carbon mirages. And pay to set up the Garnaut Carbon Bank. And pay for Garnaut's Independent Carbon Regulator. And fund the Henry reforms of tax and social security.

We have a modern fiscal miracle – 
"Carbon Tax – the Magic Horn of Plenty that never runs dry".
Next "No Carbon Tax" Rally.


Saturday 9th April, Blacktown Showgrounds, Richmond Rd, Blacktown, Sydney. 12 noon to 1.30pm. 
Small & Big Business Says No To Carbon Tax.

Keynote Speaker Barnaby Joyce

Everyone Welcome. Send a big message to Gillard and the Greens.

And Don't forget for Queenslanders:
Saturday, May 7 · 11:30am - 1:30pm
Queensland Parliament House
Corner of George and Alice Street
Brisbane, Australia.

Promotional video.

Climate facts Labor overlooked

by Bob Carter, Alan Moran & David Evans

An internal strategy paper has been provided to Labor MPs for use in the promotion of the Government’s proposed new carbon dioxide tax. The full text of the paper is posted here.

An analysis of the strategy paper by the above authors concludes:

Climate change is real and continuous. 20,000 years ago present day New York was under a kilometre of ice and lower sea levels meant that early Australians were able to walk to Tasmania; and just 300 years ago, during the “Little Ice Age”, the world was again significantly colder than today.

Australians who witnessed the 2009 Victorian bushfires or this year’s Queensland floods and cyclones need no reminder that hazardous climate events and change are real. That is not the issue.

The real question is "Do we face dangerous global warming caused by the production of carbon dioxide from human activity?”

The relevant facts are:

(i) that mild warming of a few tenths of a degree of warming occurred in the late 20th century, but that so far this century global temperature has not risen; and
(ii) that no direct evidence, as opposed to speculative computer projections, exists to demonstrate that the late 20th century warming was dominantly, or even measurably, caused by human-sourced carbon dioxide emissions.
To read the full critique by Carter et al. 

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