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Apr 12, 2011

A great week for the nanny state, killjoys, and wowsers.

Its hard to know where to start, the prudes are coming at us from all sides.

Take for a start, Gillard’s pet Green Independent, Andrew Wilkie who is obsessed with problem gamblers to the point of wanting us all forced to set a limit on our wagers on the pokies. This under normal circumstances would be dismissed as eccentricity, but the Gillard government is depending on his vote to drag her sorry arse across the line. The Greens after all have what their Senator, Christine Milne described as a power sharing agreement with the government.

This is being contested by the licensed clubs with an ad campaign:

The Western Australian the state director of liquor licensing has demanded that the serving of energy drinks and alcohol be banned after midnight. This is possibly a prelude to a total ban, given the language used:

The Australian Medical Association of WA has long been pushing for complete bans on serving energy drinks with alcohol and its president David Mountain welcomed the latest move.

"We're happy that this will reduce the stupid idea of serving energy drinks with alcohol," Professor Mountain said.

"We don't really think there's any place for them at all at any time because all it does is encourage excessive drinking and blunts the sedating effects of alcohol so people drink more and think they're immune."
In New South Wales the less than two week old government is moving legislation that appears to make it an offence to be associated with a guy who gets pissed.
He said mates could find themselves in court giving evidence about why their friend had been drunk and disorderly.

"We already have responsible service of alcohol. Now we will have responsible consumption of alcohol," Mr Gallacher said.
Lets just get this straight; “We already have responsible service of alcohol.” So if that is working, why do we need to go further? If they are not, why will this?

Police Minister Mike Gallacher, seems to have a higher calling in mind though: "These laws will change the culture in NSW," he said.

There is no way being pissed should be an offense. Causing damage, or violence while pissed should be, but there are already laws about that. This is essentially a license for humorless cops to make pricks of themselves and alienate more of the public.

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