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Apr 29, 2011

German anti Islamic-fascist heroine found.

Image; "Heidi"

News today is that the heroic lady, who waded into a gathering of over a thousand radical Muslims at a rally called by extremist clerics, and called for the German people to stand up to people who talked like Hitler, has been found. I hope her identity is not revealed as going on past history, especially in Holland, she probably has a target on her back and may be in danger of being murdered.

She has given an interview to the site, Politically Incorrect News, which I thank for linking me to the original video and thus tripling my traffic.

Eric Dondero, who broke the original video to the free world on his site Libertarian Republican, has the story. Eric is one of the rising stars of the pro defense libertarian bloggers, has sent out an appeal for an accurate translation of the interview in order to give a better picture of what went down.

LR's production of an English sub titled video is a classic effort, and it is hoped that the same can be done for this effort.

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