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Sep 2, 2011

Gillard Green government turns one amid rumors of imminent Gillard knifing.

Signing the register, Gillard and Brown in happier times.

It is one year ago today that the Labor party and the Greens exchanged vows and joined together in unholy coalition. With the passing of the a year of disastrous actions, their coalition now resembles the sort of loveless marriage in which they seem to be sticking together for the sake of the kids or in this case, clinging to power.
Today Barnaby Joyce outlined a “year of calamities” that has resulted:
The Murray-Darling Basin plan that would have destroyed production in Australia’s food bowl.
The announcement of a carbon tax despite the Prime Minister promising five days before the last election that “there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead.”
The outlawing of the $320 million live cattle trade to Indonesia, a decision that is still causing devastation throughout northern Australia.
The National debt passed $200 billion for the first time ever. Labor has borrowed an average of $100 million each day they have been in government.
It is fitting that the day was spent in recriminations and calls for the sacking of the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, after the High Court ruled Labor’s “Malaysian solution” invalid, just one more in a series of disastrous decisions.
The ‘Malaysia solution’ was always on rocky ground owing to the refusal of that country to be a party to the refugee convention as well as reports of widespread human rights violations.
Labor’s reaction of lashing out at the High Court is another serious mistake as it smacks of an attempt to intimidate the judiciary.
Prior to the last election Gillard announced the East Timor solution to the public, assuring us that it was not a copy of the evil Howard plan because it was not Nauru. The problem then arose that the East Timorese government had not been informed of what was planned and told Gillard where to stick it. This was followed by the Malaysia solution and the Manus Island solution, and the rest is history.However there is positive news:
In this morning's market, shares in BlueScope (BSL) and OneSteel (OST) edged ahead as punters bet on an early election, an Abbott win, and no carbon tax.
SENIOR Government figures say Julia Gillard has "lost her authority" and have urged her to weigh whether it's in Labor's best interests for her to remain prime minister.
In an extraordinary turn of events, Labor figures who supported Ms Gillard when she replaced Kevin Rudd as prime minister just 14 months ago are now floating a remarkable plan that could see Mr Rudd return to the leadership with Stephen Smith as his deputy and treasurer.


  1. Getting Rudd back? People have such short memories. Or is it that they are desperate?

  2. It would be desperation to bring Rudd back. I doubt that anyone could pull it back for Labor, given that they have invested all of their political capital in the carbon tax. Rudd was no more competent than Gillard, his only advantage being that he has a little more rapport with the Australian people.

    Such a move would immediately throw the agreement with the Greens and independents open. Wilkie has made it clear in the past that any axing of Gillard will mean the deals off.

    Best prediction, government collapse and a new election.