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Sep 12, 2011

Perry, Paul in apparent confrontation.

It’s generally a bad idea to pick on an old guy. If you win, there is no kudos and you look bad, if he decks you, you’ll never live it down.

Take for example, what appears to have been a confrontation between Perry and Ron Paul at the Reagan library during a commercial break in the Republican debate. It is not known if any attempt at intimidation was present, but it doesn’t look good.

Ron Paul seems to have taken a more aggressive outlook in this campaign, and needled Perry during the debate, and with this letter. He also slapped Perry with this advertisement:

At this stage there is nothing on either candidates website in relation to this matter, so it is possible that too much is being made of it. It is to be hoped so.

The criticism by Paul of Perry having been a Democrat is largely irrelevant as he has been a Republican for twenty years and has well and truly established his credentials in that regard. Ron’s support of Reagan is commendable and shows a greater degree of consistency in his beliefs.

Many people though, change their political ideas over time as Perry has, it’s a progression and having been something else in the past has no bearing on the present.

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