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Sep 16, 2011

PPP to include Gary Johnson in polling?

There is some activity on Twitter to indicate that the Johnson campaign may have a breakthrough in getting their candidate included in a poll:

We're adding Gary Johnson to our primary polls to replace Sarah Palin. He and Huntsman can duke it out for 8th place.
This seems an odd remark; given that in a CNN poll a fortnight ago, he was even with Cain and ahead of Huntsman, and Santorum. Had he been included in any of the debates his profile would have been higher and the result better. CNN has now excluded him from its polls. He is a candidate who offers a change from the ‘more of the same’ crowd:

Given the current mood in the US favoring smaller government less regulation and fiscal restraint, Johnson seems well placed to catch the imagination of the voters. He is a successful two term Governor of New Mexico, renowned for use of the veto, both on bills and line items, who left the office with the budget in surplus and having never raised taxes.

He is a guy who has real world experience behind him, having established and grown an incredibly successful business from the ground up. He therefore understands how economics works from experience in the marketplace and dealing with real people in a competitive environment, rather than in political theory classes.

The greatest asset he brings to the table is that he has a proven track record of defeating Democrats in a blue state. Both of his successful campaigns were won against the odds in a state where Dems outnumber Republicans by three to one. Unlike Romney who won Massachusetts by becoming indistinguishable from a Democrat, Johnson was a true small government fiscal conservative Republican.

In a situation where an incumbent has to be defeated, this is a massive quality to have onboard.


  1. Ever get the impression that the media over there are terrified of the libertarian leaning candidates?

  2. Glad to see this development.

    It will be interesting to see how his gambit of going retail in New Hampshire pays off when/if he's included included in the NH polls since he's put all his eggs in that basket.

  3. Angry hit the nail on the head, IMHO. The (long stream of expletives deleted) media here "censors" which candidates are "approved". Hell, they CREATED Barack Obama. Then the party national committee further narrows the field until all we're left with, once more, will be yet another spineless, lesser-of-two-evils "moderate" professional politician to "choose" and nothing will really change other than the pace at which we descend into totalitarian socialism.

    Looks like back to my usual third party protest vote next year. The Republic is dead.

  4. Like I say; the guy has a lot going for him in this cycle, and has a lot to offer. It seems like a conspiracy of silence surrounding him. For libertarians this seems to be the natural environment.

    During the last election, the sitting up late at night crafting press releases was not the frustrating thing, nor was the feeling that I was carrying more of the weight than some of the other candidates.

    What really pissed me off big time was the knowledge that the bloody things would never see the light of day after crossing the various editors desks.