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Sep 14, 2011

Gillard’s “How smart did that look,” a bad example.

Alluding to the passage of Medicare in 1983, Gillard, referring to those who voted against it, asked, “How smart did that look in 1984.” While Medicare has been popular, and still is, the reality is that the standard of healthcare has dropped since its introduction. From personal experience, a hernia operation took two days from the GP visit to completion in 1983, against five months in 2010. Long waits are something we have come to expect.

In addition to this we now have the situation where every wowser, food freak, convenience food hater, and anyone with an axe to grind who can establish even the most tenuous link to health, can claim that their victims to be are a “burden on the public health system.” We have lost many of our freedoms in the name of socialized medicine.

The “How smart did that look,” statement has however prompted someone to put it together a montage of the not so smart things Gillard has done:

Peter Garrett has long been associated with incompetence, after all he was the minister who couldn’t even arrange to put pink bats in ceilings without burning around 200 down, killing four people in the process, but on reviewing Gillard’s record she appears to outdo him in all forms of ineptitude.


  1. In fairness to Gingery Dullard the carbon tax has come from getting into bed with the Greens and letting them go on top. < evil grin > How smart did that look? < / grin >

  2. Well there may be an evil grin, but it's a beautiful analogy Angry.

    I notice though that Jules is getting tough with Bob and giving him a little bit less than he is demanding on the media inquiry. That'll learn him.