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Sep 6, 2011

Nanny state watch; Queensland balcony training.

The problem is not that we have too many fools, it's that the lightning isn't distributed right. - Mark Twain.

It is difficult for a rational person to grasp the desire of governments to treat people as children. It seems that nothing is outside their scope, nor are they willing to accept that any decision made among the populace should not have their guidance at the very least. In Queensland, the government seems to be obsessed with its own importance to the degree of leaving nothing to chance.

Their unwillingness to accept the concept that people should be responsible for their own actions, has come to the fore in the wake of a couple of tragic accidents during the Riverfire event. Two young people lost their lives by falling off balconies while partying in high-rise apartments. Incredibly, the State wants to get involved.

Apparently without their guidance we won’t know that it is a bad idea to lean over railings when pissed:
THE State Government is considering an education campaign into balcony safety during boozy events after two men died following falls from balconies during Riverfire celebrations in Brisbane on the weekend.

A coronial investigation into the deaths is also under way and Attorney-General Paul Lucas said any recommendations from that would be "closely examined."

The deaths follow those of a teenager in 2005 and a 22-year-old man in 2009 - both of whom fell from balconies during Schoolies celebrations on the Gold Coast. "A balcony in itself is not dangerous, it's combining it with alcohol, lack of supervision and the like," Mr Lucas said.
Governments need to step away, stop looking for new things to take responsibility for, and allow people to be responsible for their own actions. They seem to be trying to remove stupidity from out on the streets by concentrating it in Parliament.

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