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Jun 28, 2011

Best answer to Clinton’s, ”Whose side are you on.

H/t; The Agitator.

When Congress got stroppy over the war powers resolution in relation to the Libyan action, Hillary Clinton tried to spin the issue into treachery by facetiously asking, “Whose side are you on.”

Ken from Popehat has come up with the following in a post titled:

“In Which Ken Asks His Secretary To Clear His Schedule Later So He Can Apologize For Completely Losing His Shit Like This”:

Whose side am I on?

You vulgar, upjumped, snake-oil-selling, midway-barker huckster. You venal, amoral, mendacious harpy. You vile, preening, scheming hack. Whose side am I on? I’m on the side of fuck you, bitch. I’m on the side of the Constitution, limited government, limited executive power to kill people, limited executive power to put our armed forces at risk, and the rule of motherfucking law. I can’t believe there was a time when I couldn’t grasp why people despised you. Whose side am I on? You Senator, can you name a nanosecond when you’ve ever been on anyone’s side but your own?

That’s whose side I’m on. What’s it to you?
Sounds like a reasonable and measured response to me.

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