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Jun 12, 2011

How to Create a Carbon Credit – Kill a Camel.

By Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition.

The people who brought us pink-bats and cash-for-clunkers have a new scheme - we can earn carbon credits by shooting wild camels, humanely of course.

Surely it would be far easier to shoot tame cattle? There are big mobs near all of our northern ports, going nowhere.

And if greens have their way and stop all live exports, we can earn heaps more by shooting millions of sheep and goats, humanely of course.

What about those mobs of kangaroos? They burn carbon fuel and emit dreaded carbon dioxide. Why should they be spared when the future of the planet is at stake?

One small problem - what do we do with all those carcasses? Left alone they will release all the carbon sequestered within their bodies within a couple of weeks, thus incurring massive carbon debits.

And who counts the dead camels? To prevent carbon cull fraud the economy will boom with jobs for regulators, inspectors, auditors and prosecutors.

And of course, we must not burn diesel, av-gas or gun powder to do the slaughter, so the hunting must be done from horses using bows and arrows.

And if killing camels earns carbon credits, why can't cattle, sheep and goat abattoirs also earn them?

Further Comment:

Wild camels are a valuable resource for those with eyes not blinded by the smog of global warming dogma. This is a comment we made two years ago when this silly suggestion first surfaced.

And here is a comment by Paddy McHugh who actually knows something about camels:

Does anyone believe that riflemen in helicopters will kill every camel cleanly and painlessly? Yet our whole live export industry is threatened for a few misdeeds. Here is the most likely final product from the carbon credit harvesters:

Camel Carcasses, Central Australia.
Photo by Paddy McHugh.

Below is the final product from the live camel harvesters:

Camel Auction, Australia
Photo by Paddy McHugh

Think this is all a hoax? Then check this out.

Yep, our bureaucrats have put together a 62 page proposal to issue carbon credits for killing feral camels. They note that there is not much use in killing an old camel so the cullers will be required to declare the age of each camel killed, so that that the Government auditors can determine how much pollution will be saved. To help this complex calculation the government is researching the average life expectancy for feral camels.

The document is full of endless dribble, including how the cullers discount the credits they will get by the amount of pollution that is created by the culling.

Here is a sample:

“There are two options for measuring fuel consumption for EVc,j,y as detailed below. Option 1 is preferred.

Option 1) Recording of all fuel purchased or pumped for use in these vehicles during the management activities.

Option 2) Recording of all ground vehicle and fuel types and odometer readings before and after management activities.

For Option 2 the amount of fuel consumed is calculated by taking the fuel consumption rating of the vehicle as a litres per kilometre figure and multiplying this by the kilometres of travel undertaken as part of the management activity, then divided by 1000 to convert to kiloLitres, as per the equation below:

GDgv,c,j,y = Ground distance travelled by vehicle gv using fuel type j in undertaking the management activities c in year y

LPKgv,j = Litres of fuel type j combusted per kilometre for vehicle gv”

(Thanks to Helen Dyer for this explanation of the calculations.)


  1. That surfacing again? I recall that coming up a while ago. I thought the Midnight Snakeoil guy was still Minister for Big Eco at the time or but having just checked it turned out to be Penny Wong. Could have sworn it was older than that but one thingI did remember right is domesticated camels do emit greenhouse gasses for Kyoto Protocol purposes. I mean, obviously they do but it doesn't count towards our emissions so we can safely forget about them and any CO2 or CH4 they emit. Forest fires don't count either, unless it was arson or another man made cause in which case it's bad. So wild camels bad, natural fire okay, domesticated camels okay and man made fire bad. All perfectly logical if your train of thought runs on a Möbius loop.

  2. ***** what do we do with all those carcasses *****

    Food for the poor on welfare perhaps.

    When did you guys get camels?

  3. It has come up before but this time they are really serious, note the formula down the bottom, which I am sure the average camel shooter will have no difficulty getting around. I guess when they are capable of coming up with this rot, the rest probably sounds logical to them.

    Gary, I think they will be required to take an ear or tail but the rest will be left to rot. I am not sure when the first camels arrived but some were brought in for the 1860 Bourke and Wills expedition.

    After this they were used extensively for transport in the outback. At times they have been exported to the Middle East as ours are apparently of better quality than the ones over there. There has been from time to time a thriving meat export industry based on them.

  4. Hasn't the Middle East actually run out of wild camels now? Dromedaries anyway.

  5. I am not sure of the position now, but I did hear once that ours were generally healthier and were being used to improve the stock over there.