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Jun 9, 2011

Political Alzheimer’s; Campbell Newman not recognized.

The Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Campbell Newman being popular, a Liberal, and capable of coming up with new ideas, was invited by party bosses to switch to parliament and take the helm. While it is unprecedented to have an opposition leader who is not an MP, he seems to be making good decisions and is backed by the parliamentary party representatives.

This move seems to have been so successful that Sportsbet is currently offering shorter odds of Harry Reid being keynote speaker at CPAC than for Bligh to win the next election.

The State Governor Penny Wensley though, claims she is not able to recognize him as opposition leader. The Opposition acknowledges him as such, and acts accordingly but apparently that doesn't count.

For many years the UN and most Western nations including ours recognized the murderous Pol Pot regime that had murdered more than 20% of the nations population as the government of Cambodia even after it had been overthrown.

But Campbell cannot be recognized as Opposition Leader:

QUEENSLAND Governor Penelope Wensley says she cannot recognize Campbell Newman as LNP leader.
Speaking on ABC Radio, Ms Wensley said she had taken advice on the issue of Mr. Newman's appointment as leader from outside of Parliament.

She said because Mr. Newman's position wasn't official under the constitution, she had to recognize Jeff Seeney as Opposition Leader.

``I did look at that closely because it is clear that the former lord mayor can not be the Leader of the Opposition and function as the Leader of the Opposition as someone who is not elected to Parliament,'' she said.

``So he holds a different position and I am meticulous in my recognition of Jeff Seeney as the Leader of the Opposition.''
Ms Wensley said on occasions when she had cause to write to politicians she engaged with both sides equally but this did not include Mr. Newman.
In Australia the Governor General and State Governors, while being technically ‘the Queens representative and appointed by her, they are actually selected by the relevant government.

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