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Jun 25, 2011

Davis: Pimps treated differently.

Kristin Davis, dubbed The Manhattan Madam ran one of the most successful prostitution businesses ever discovered. She was busted during the Spitzer investigation and ended up doing time. Since this she has become a strong anti prohibitionist, and advocate for women’s issues and reform. Here she takes on the inequality of the law. Kristin’s website is here.

By Kristin Davis

When I was arrested and charged as a first-time offender with ONE count of promoting prostitution, which I eventually pled guilty to, I received bail of $2 MILLION dollars. After spending 4 months in Riker's Island, my bail was later reduced to $400,000 and I had to wear with an ankle bracelet that confined my movement to the 5 boros. I have written, extensively about my time incarcerated where I was subjected to cruel psychosexual torture in filthy and squalid conditions. I have brought the abuses at Riker's Island to the attention of Governor Andrew Cuomo without results.

I now find it interesting that David Flory, the college professor charged with FORTY counts of promoting prostitution received a bail of $100,000. Jason Itzler, who ran an escort service in New York City, was arrested with a bail of $500,000 after running from the police for a couple of days and having an extensive criminal history for which he had numerous prior Felonies and served time in prison.

Then of course there is Eliot Spitzer. He violated both federal money laundering laws and The Mann Act, which is a charge for transporting a prostitute across state lines. In 2009, Justice Ronald Stills was charged with violating The Mann Act and sentenced to 1.5 years in jail. Why has Eliot Spitzer- a white male- paid no penalty for his illegal acts while I did hard time on Riker's Island?

It amuses me now to see Spitzer opining on CNN regarding congressman Anthony Weiner when he is himself guilty of much greater hypocrisy based on his governmental efforts which in 2007 increased the penalties for men soliciting prostitutes from a felony to a misdemeanor while Spitzer was engaging prostitutes himself.

It is apparent our justice system does not equally deliver Justice.

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