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Jun 18, 2011

Gary Johnson at the New Hampshire debate.

Gary Johnson was as we know excluded by CNN from the debate for no genuine reason. Some of the other candidates who were in it are poling lower than he is but were included, so go figure. Anyway, he hasn’t taken it lying down and has made a video in which he answers every question that was asked at the event:

I believe his performance gives an indication as to why he was excluded. CNN and the other channels doing this are trying to dictate to the Republican Party who they are to have as candidates, in other words picking winners. Johnson is not in the mould of the usual type of candidate and while Ron Paul isn’t either, he tends to be dismissed.

There is a great deal in common between the two, but Johnson is more articulate and can present ideas better to the voter. He is the type of candidate more likely to be taken seriously.

With Johnson, you get what you see and hear. He will not be saying one thing in Illinois, and another in Texas. The message he has presented here is not tailored to suit the audience, but is what he feels needs to be done to pull the nation out of the mire it finds itself in. By the time the primaries come around many people will be responding positively to this sort of straight talk.

The media does not like what it cannot understand.


  1. You say: "Johnson is not in the mould of the usual type of candidate and while Ron Paul isn’t either, he tends to be dismissed."

    Yet it was Johnson who was dismissed from the debate. Clearly he is more easily dismissed.

    YOu also say Johnson presents ideas better and is more articulate, but I'm pretty sure that reflects a bias that you personally agree with him more. The general consensus after the debate they were both in in South Carolina was that Gary Johnson did not show well, while Ron Paul did.

    I don't get it why I still keep seeing these memes.

  2. I take it from that, that you feel he should have been omitted.