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Jun 30, 2011

The man who put parliament in its place.

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The late Kerry Packer was probably one of the most courageous Australians who ever lived. He was a man who politicians loved to hate, and despite the risks of retribution, attempts at which were common was prepared to stick to his guns and stand on principle.

In 1991 parliament decided to make an example of him, and in my minds eye I can still see an Australian Democrat Senator saying how he would be brought to account. The result was that Kerry put them right back where they belonged with his unique straight talk. Once PC is disposed of, politics has little to support it.

Here are highlights of Kerry Packer's 1991 House of Reps Select Committee on Print Media Appearance. It includes perhaps the most famous Australian anti-government quote, where Packer says that anyone who pays more tax than they can get away with needs their head examined:

Bloody hell, I miss this guy.

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