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Jun 23, 2011

Brain dead leftie tax supporter ridiculed.

The Gillard government is about to embark on a carbon dioxide tax that we were assured would not happen in the life of her government. Unfortunately there were sufficient numbers of credulous and deluded voters to nearly get her over the line, after which some very expensive deals with independents got her there.

Sometimes I wonder if I really get much advantage from sending all that money to Canberra to allow Julia to toss billions to unprincipled bastards like Katter, Windsor, Wilkie, and that giggling idiot Oakeshotte, who would sell their grandmothers grave if it could get them some relevance.

This clip is of one of the Green sycophants who believe that a massive new tax is really the best thing for all of us being put down on the ABC G&A program.

It is difficult to tell if the idea that by taxing us the government can make the birds sing, the sun come out, and the seas begin to fall, is the most idiotic reason for this sort of imposition. My money tends to be on Keating, who as Treasurer back in the 80s told us we needed tax hikes because the economy was being damaged by pricks like me, having too much money sloshing around in our pockets.

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