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Jun 4, 2011

Green ice bear insanity.

10 tons of English ice sent to Australia for emission reduction lesson.

While perusing the Andrew Bolt Blog, I thought someone was taking the piss out of him with his item, “Bearly sane.”

Andrew reported that a 10-ton block of ice was sent to Australia from England to be carved into a polar bear statue in order to demonstrate our need to curb our emissions and save the bears. I realize I have on occasions seemed a little skeptical as to the intellectual capacity of the Greens, but there comes a time when even I tend to think that no one could be that bloody stupid. I admit my mistake, they are.

From SMH:

If you want to see Sydney's newest endangered animal you'd better hurry - it's melting rapidly.

The two-meter polar bear has been carved from a 10-tonne block of ice outside Customs House at Circular Quay.

The block was frozen around a bronze skeleton in Britain before being sent to Australia where it was lifted by crane into Customs House Square.

Ok, so lets see if I have got this straight:

They claim polar bears are endangered because Arctic ice is melting, and:

This is caused by global warming through human emissions, and:

These emissions are caused by using too much fossil fuel, and:

There is a pressing need to make a gesture to get us to reduce said emissions, so:

Its somehow logical to freeze down 10 tons of water, fly or ship it to Australia, and carve a bloody statue out of it that will melt in a couple of days. I’m definitely missing something here. We may be descended from convicts and may not be as cool and sophisticated as Europeans, but hell, we have figured out how to make ice, and we even have freezers.

I guess though, that Pommy ice is the way to go if you are looking toward a pointless gesture to the point that common sense is precluded.

These stupid bastards need cutting before they start breeding. It should not be compulsory, and it needn’t be. Just tell them its for the planet, and they will stand in line.


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