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Aug 25, 2009

Banning the Criminals.

Interestingly after my post on bikie legislation my old mate Ron Kitching came up with the same conclusions, although a littlle more succinct:

By Ron Kitching.

The Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, has announced that new laws will ban Motor Cycle Clubs.

On a percentage basis, the news informed us today that Queensland politicians have a higher rate of criminal conviction than those among Motorcycle Club Members.

If the odd member of a Motor Cycle Club breaks the law, he can be arrested and prosecuted by existing laws.

Considering the serious and destructive interventions of the Queensland Premier, (who closed the Proserpine Shale Oil project), and her counterparts in Canberra, (who are proposing an Emissions Trading Tax, which will wreck Australia’s economy), steps ought to be taken to ban political parties. If ever there were criminal gangs damaging Australian citizens, most political parties are the leaders of the push.

When Rome relied on the law, the Republic prospered. When the law became politicised, and inflation set in, Rome and the Republic collapsed.

If present political trends persist, Australia will suffer the same inevitable fate.


  1. Steve Earl has a good take on outlaw bikers in Canada entitled "Justice in Ontario".

    As American law enforcement agencies like to say, "It's more important that you are easy to catch rather than actually guilty."

  2. Thanks Bawb: Great song, and I think some of our law enforcement prefer things that way too.

    I'm heading away to another swing at work, so I'll talk when I get back and start posting again.