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Aug 2, 2009

Carbon Sense comments on Ration and Tax (RAT)

Cartoon by Michael Ramirez

While away I received a couple of great press releases from Viv over at Carbon Sense, who seems to be one of the most lucid voices in the climate change debate in Australia. Viv would make a great PM, but would probably never make the attempt, as he seems to share with me a complete disdain for the type of narcissistic pompous windbag the public seems to feel is required for such positions.

Here’s Viv.

Penny drops - carbon tax destroys jobs.

Mr. Rudd has woken up that Penny’s Ration-and-Tax (RAT) Scheme will destroy jobs.

But instead of killing the RAT Scheme, he proposes a massive carbon subsidy to offset the job destruction caused by the carbon tax.

Kevin and Malcolm need to make up their minds.

If they want to cut the production of harmless carbon dioxide, it MUST cause job losses in coal, power generation, cement, steel, farming and tourism.

But if job protection is important to them, they should abandon the RAT scheme immediately and concentrate on important matters.

Fiddling with it, achieves neither goal.

As for the subsidy, Kevin needs reminding that the money we get from Canberra is the money we sent to Canberra, less handling charges both ways.

A tax and subsidy policy always replaces real jobs in regional industry with fake jobs in the money laundering departments in Canberra.

Only three amendments are needed:
“Reject, Reject, Reject.”

The Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, Mr. Viv Forbes, today called for a grass roots revolt by the real workers of Australia against the green militia and their socialite supporters who are leading the country into job cuts, power blackouts and poverty.

Mr. Forbes claimed that only three brave and outspoken politicians understand the real threats facing Australia, both from natural climate change (probably cold and dry) and from the stupid policies supposed to stop global warming (it has stopped).

“Martin Ferguson is in touch with real people who keep the wheels turning in the mines, factories and transport fleet. He knows that none of these industries could operate without using carbon fuels which all produce harmless carbon dioxide gas. He knows we need efficient reliable power stations, not wind and solar playthings.

“Barnaby Joyce represents the farmers, foresters and fishermen who produce the food, fiber and building materials we all need. He also knows that none of these essential items can be produced without producing more harmless CO2 gas.

“Steve Fielding stands up for all the Australian families hoping for jobs for themselves and their kids. He knows that every job in Australia depends on our basic industries making the minerals, food, fibers and processed goods the world buys from us.

“Public opinion polls show that ordinary Australians are increasingly swinging behind these leaders while Mr. Rudd trips the Climate Change Stage, and Malcolm Turnbull agonizes over how to make a more comfortable green noose for Australia. The only people who support such nonsense are the huge Climate Change Industry and those trying to buy green votes in the leafy suburbs.

“All real work produces carbon dioxide.

“The only way we can quickly reduce production of CO2 is by reducing jobs or reducing our consumption of food, fiber and minerals – the Ration-n-Tax Scheme thus offers unemployment and poverty in real industry in return for more taxes to create make-believe green jobs.

Mr. Turnbull thinks nine amendments will make the RAT scheme acceptable. Only three amendments are required: “Reject, reject, reject”.

Viv Forbes
Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition

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