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Aug 27, 2009

Not Evil Just Wrong

Agmates is a site with a number of networking groups associated with it, one being the Climate Sceptics Party forum.

An interesting topic which has come up is the release of the feature length documentary, “Not Evil Just Wrong” which examines the devastating consequences of the global warming hysteria. From a personal standpoint I have some difficulties with the title as I find it difficult to accept that people such as Gore, could keep repeating their views in the face of mounting contrarian evidence if their views were an honest mistake, but I suppose we can be generous and give them the benefit of the doubt.

A new line has been developed for the release, with the theme:

“Have your own CINEMATIC TEA PARTY!”

The typical Hollywood distribution model wasn’t right for this film.
Hollywood’s long standing disconnect with the lives of every day Americans wouldn’t suit a film about the lives and livelihoods of hard-working folks like those profiled in Vevay, Indiana. This film is for the Southwest Virginia miner, the North Dakota farmer, and the hometown entrepreneur.

We’re shattering the original model and creating a new mold with the distribution of this film because this film truly belongs in the home of every hard working person. Home party packs are now available for pre-order for viewing the night of October 18th and onward, including a poster, red carpet and invitations. We are offering a unique, family-oriented cinematic experience to encourage discussion with your neighbors and friends.

Orders can be done here.

On the theme of honest mistakes versus deliberate misinformation it is hard to go past the following clip in which Gerd Leipold of GreenPeace finds himself with a questioner who is not a subservient acolyte and challenges statements made by the organization resulting in an embarrassing backdown, and an admission that they tend to ‘emotionalize’ or in reality exaggerate their causes to get their way. The interesting part comes in at around the three minute mark. For a shorter version go to this clip.


  1. Ahhh, looks good to me. I'm always seeking more ammo in the fight against the worshippers of Algore. Apparently, the primary goal of Global Warming has been to make Al a billionaire. I hope those who refute the eco-babble make good too.

  2. Bawb, that's exactly what we hope to stop. Using alarmist facts to push through legislation that only benefits him is crazy.

    Did you know Gore gets paid $200,000 per speaking engagement now? Or that he is competing to get the .eco domain just so he can make millions off it? He's such a hypocrite.

    Anyways, hope you can host a party.

  3. Actually, I think that such persistance, in the face of the facts, is evil. I think the movers and shakers of the Global Warming/Global Climate Change movement are utterly evil. True believers in totalitarian governments can be nothing less.

    Just my opinion, mind you.

  4. Hey; Great to see you all over here.

    Bawb, glad you liked it, every little bit helps.

    Not Evil, I really hope this goes well for you.

    Benning, I tend to agree with you as you may have noticed above. In some ways I feel sorrow for those who have not looked beyond the hype and continue to be fooled by this, although I note they are getting fewer.